Using a VPN Service to Play Online Poker

If you are a poker enthusiast residing in a country where real money poker sites are banned or restricted you will either find it impossible to access an online poker room of your choice, or play poker tournaments for real money. This is the same experience for those playing at sites that are operated in a country where gaming with online money is illegal. In such situations, the best way to gain access to the sites is to avail a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

This is a set of networks that operate virtually among computers via special applications. VPN has become the preferred choice of poker players the world over, to play at sites that have been blocked in their region. If you too are interested in employing VPN for playing poker online, here are a few key aspects that you should know of.

Benefits of VPN Service for Poker

There are various benefits to using VPN to play poker online. Firstly, it allows players to access poker sites that have been blocked in their region. This provision is also extremely beneficial if you travel extensively to countries where online gaming is prohibited. With a VPN connection, irrespective of where you travel to, you will always have access to your favorite poker site.

Secondly, the connection established between you and the site is encrypted and secure. Thirdly, VPN gives you an alternate IP address which is extremely useful if you want your IP address hidden when playing at a poker site.

In addition to this, using a VPN service will allow you to surf the internet anonymously. With VPN, you will have high speed connectivity to the internet. If you avail a top quality VPN service, you will be assured of 100% server uptime.

What to Consider Prior to Using a VPN Service

Some VPN providers may offer services for a restricted number of countries. You should ensure that the service provider you use offers VPN connection for the country of your choice.

VPN service providers can sometimes unblock only a few select sites. To ensure that the poker sites you want to play at are unblocked by a particular provider, make enquiries of them.

Do not forget that to be able to play at a poker site using a VPN service, you will still require an internet connection.

To counter situations where your internet provider blocks VPN or you require added security, the VPN provider you choose should be capable of offering a higher level of encryption and flexibility.

Select a site that has a comprehensive and competent customer support team. Also ensure that the service provider has a toll-free international call facility that will provide access to them even when you are traveling.

As most VPN providers don’t offer trial packages, you should select a company after carrying out thorough research on the key features of their service, subscription prices etc.

How to Set up a VPN Connection and Start Playing Poker

VPN providers offer different set up options for different operating systems. So, you should identify a site that offers a convenient setup for the operating system on your computer. Next, determine whether the site meets your requirements and purchase a subscription package from them.

This can be based on the amount of money you want to spend, the period for which you want the connection, the countries or cities in which you want VPN connectivity or even the encryption system offered by the package. Following this, go to the webpage that has set up options for operating systems and select one suitable for that on your computer. You will be guided through various steps for setting up the VPN connection.

Once you gain access to a poker site of your choice by way of the VPN connection, you will have to create an account with the site. To do this, sign up for a poker account by providing the details they ask of you. Next, you will be allowed to download the poker software on your computer. Following this, you will have to deposit a certain amount of money at the site and you can start playing poker games.

About Strong VPN

One of the best VPN providers in America is Strong VPN, a hosting company that was established in 1994. Since then, the company has grown and has staff that is highly skilled and capable. It offers technical support all round the year. The support staff at Strong VPN is well-trained to handle customer requests with high levels of professionalism.

The company offers to work with patrons and to cater to their unique requirements. Strong VPN does not charge hidden fees, so poker players only have to keep their monthly payments in mind. The company offers the same top quality service to all poker playing customers, irrespective of whether they opt for high or low priced packages. Strong VPN works in numerous locations the world over.

Benefits of Strong VPN

Of the many VPN service providers for poker sites, here are some reasons to opt for Strong VPN:

It provides security for those who surf at hotspots.

The company can offer a European or American IP irrespective of where a player is.

Their service can unblock VOIP applications.

The service provider can also unblock websites when you are traveling overseas.

Strong VPN offers live technical quality support round the clock.

As you pay for bandwidth charges upfront, you can play games via a high speed connection without worrying about additional charges for it.

With Strong VPN, poker players will be able to surf the internet anonymously.

Using the site’s customer area, poker players can change VPN locations with ease. With this service provider, the players have access to a 128 bit encrypted channel that is secure.

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