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Officially, Titan Poker does not offer rakeback in a direct fashion like some other poker rooms do on other poker networks. However, rakeback is available at Titan Poker, but in a disguised form: The Titan Poker VIP scheme.

The Titan Poker VIP scheme is probably the best VIP scheme out of any of the poker rooms on the iPoker network, with players being able to get up to 64.5% equivalent rakeback from the VIP scheme alone. Take into account the numerous promotions available at Titan Poker and a number of high rakers have reported rakeback rates of over 100% at Titan Poker. These players have pushed the equivalent rakeback so high by cashing in on the fantastic rake races that Titan Poker runs, where the more you rake, the more cash you get.

Furthermore, when you sign-up to Titan Poker you can get an exclusive sign-up bonus of 100% up to $500 by using the Titan Poker bonus code: PB500Titan. The sign-up bonus is equivalent to another 14% rakeback, meaning you could be on 78.5% rakeback at Titan Poker straight from the start.

The high Titan Poker rakeback equivalent from the VIP scheme is also accessible by the majority of players, unlike some other VIP schemes on the iPoker network which only have good rewards for the seriously high rakers. The success of the Titan Poker VIP scheme is due to 2 important factors:

  • 1 – The ease of achieving the highest available VIP level
  • 2 – The high equivalent rakeback rates offered when converting your Titan Points into actual cash prizes.

We will cover both of these points in more detail, with figures on each.

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The Titan Poker VIP Levels

The Titan Poker VIP scheme has 6 different VIP levels, ranging from bronze to diamond. The Titan Poker VIP system is not like other VIP schemes, which try to reduce the amount of cashback/rakeback available to players by offering little perks and promotions which are supposed to misdirect players into believing that the VIP scheme is better than it actually is. This is not the case with Titan Poker, who make it very clear what the benefits are of having a higher VIP level are. In short, the higher VIP level you are, the greater the Titan Points boost you will receive at the end of each month. A greater number of Titan Points means that you can buy a greater number of cash prizes.

One of the best perks about the Titan Poker VIP system is the ease by which players can achieve the highest VIP level, typically requiring only $2k rake per month. Compare this to other VIP schemes which can require players to rake up to $50,000 a month to achieve the highest VIP levels, a tall order even for the biggest poker grinders. You earn 17 Titan Points per every $1 rake paid. Here is a VIP summary:

  • Bronze VIP Level – 0-999 Monthly Titan Points, no rake requirement. No monthly points boost.
  • Silver VIP Level – 1k Monthly Titan Points = $58.8 rake. 1.2x monthly points boost (20%)
  • Gold VIP Level – 5k Monthly Titan Points = $294.1 rake. 1.4x monthly points boost (40%)
  • Platinum VIP level – 10k Monthly Titan Points = $588.2 rake. 1.6x monthly points boost (60%)
  • Titanium VIP level – 17k Monthly Titan Points = $1000 rake. 2x monthly points boost (100%)
  • Diamond VIP level – 35k Monthly Titan Points = $2058.8 rake. 2.2x monthly points boost (120%)

As you can see, only a modest $2058.8 rake is required to reach the highest VIP level, which will also provide you with a massive 120% points boost.

Titan Poker VIP Cash Prizes

Once you have earned Titan Points, you can cash them in at the Titan Poker VIP store for cash prizes, which are directly credited to your Titan Poker account. This is the essential form of Titan Poker rakeback, with the higher cash prize purchased, the better the equivalent rakeback rate.

All these calculations are based on players having a Diamond VIP status:

As you can see, the maximum cashback from the Titan Poker VIP scheme is equivalent to a 64.5% rakeback rate, which is fantastic.

Titan Points Redeemed Cash Prize Points Per Reward Dollar Rakeback
2,000 $10 200 18.7%
6,500 $45 144 26%
20,000 $150 133 28.1%
80,000 $800 100 37.4%
160,000 $1,750 91 41.1%
320,000 $4,000 80 46.8%
600,000 $8,000 75 49.9%
1,000,000 $14,000 71 52.7%
2,500,000 $39,000 64 58.4%
7,000,000 $120,000 58 64.5%

Titan Poker Bonus Code – Additional Rakeback

By signing up through Pokerbonus.org, you can receive an exclusive 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus by using the titan poker coupon code: PB500Titan. This code is entered when you first create your Titan Poker account and will automatically track you to the $500 bonus. This is compared to the normal bonus offered at Titan Poker which is just 50% up to $200.

The Titan Poker bonus is released in $5 instalments, with 600 Titan Points required to unlock each $5 of the bonus. 600 Titan Points is roughly equal to $35 rake, meaning that the bonus has a clearance rate of 14% or is equivalent to 14% rakeback. Therefore, on top of the fantastic VIP scheme which offers up to 65% rakeback, you can get an additional 14% rakeback from the sign-up bonus and up to another 50-100% rakeback from the Titan Poker promotions. As a result, it is easy to see how it is possible to get over 100% rakeback at Titan Poker.

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