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Titan Poker is the leading poker site on the iPoker network and is one of the hottest places to play online poker at the moment. When signing up to Titan Poker for the first time, you can get a 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus by using the Titan Poker bonus code: PB500Titan

Through PokerBonus.org you can get 100% up to $500, instead of the normal bonus of 50% up to $200 which is offered to standard players.

This bonus code is used when you register a new account on Titan Poker. The code is entered in the “Coupon Code” field, hence it is also known as a Titan Poker coupon code.

Titan Poker Bonus Code – Quick Facts

  • 100% Up To $500 Bonus.
  • Released in $5 instalments.
  • 90 days to clear the bonus.
  • Each $5 instalment requires 600 Titan Points (-$35 rake).
  • Clearance rate of 14%.

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How Does The Titan Bonus Code Work?

After you have entered the Titan Poker bonus code, PB500Titan, you can complete the rest of your of registration to create your real-money poker account. Once your account is made, you will be able to deposit at Titan Poker using one of the many available deposit options (see below). The amount that you deposit on your first transaction will determine your sign-up bonus. Therefore, it is best to deposit as much as you can with your first transaction in-order to maximise your sign-up bonus.

Since you have already entered your Titan Poker coupon code, you do not need to worry about entering another code when you actually make your deposit (compared to some other poker rooms). However, if you forgot to enter the Titan Poker bonus code, PB500Titan, when you first made your account, then speak to the Titan Poker support staff before making your first deposit.

The bonus that you will get is a 100% up to $500 bonus, therefore, for every dollar that you deposit you will be matched with an equal bonus up to $500. Examples:

Example 1: You deposit $1000 with your first transaction. You will receive a $500 sign-up bonus

Example 2: You deposit $250 with your first transaction. You will receive a $250 sign-up bonus

Example 3: You deposit $50 with your first transaction and then $1000 with your section transaction. You will receive a $50 sign-up bonus.

How Do I Unlock The Titan Poker Bonus?

After you have made your first deposit at Titan Poker, you will receive a pending bonus which you can see in Titan Poker software by viewing My Account -> Bonuses. You unlock the Titan Poker bonus by earning Titan Points, which are awarded whenever you play real money cash games or tournaments. The bonus is released in $5 instalments and it takes 600 Titan Points to unlock each instalment. 600 Titan Points is equivalent to around $35 rake, which is paid whenever you play real money poker. You have 90 days to clear as much of the bonus as possible.

You do not lose your Titan Points when they are used to unlock a bonus, meaning that you can also use them to purchase cash rewards and other prizes from the VIP store. Read our in-depth guide on the Titan Poker VIP scheme for more information on what is available.

You can view further information on your bonus in the “Bonuses” tab. Here you will see the bonus issue date, bonus expiry date, bonus status, total amount of the bonus, total Titan Points required to unlock the bonus, bonus dollars left of the bonus, size of the next bonus chunk to be released and the Titan Points required for completion.

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Is The Titan Poker Bonus Released In Instalments Or As A Lump Sum?

The Titan Poker bonus is released in $5 instalments. This is advantageous because it does not restrict the size of your initial deposit.

For example, say you believed you could unlock $400 of the sign-up bonus in the allotted 90 day time period. With a poker bonus that releases in instalments, you could deposit as much as you wanted on your first deposit because it wouldn’t affect your chances of unlocking the bonus, since it is released in small instalments. If the bonus was released as a lump sum, then you would be taking a risk when depositing any more than $400 in case you couldn’t completely clear the bonus in the time period, resulting in your receiving nothing! Therefore, you might have to deposit less with your first deposit to make sure you could completely clear the bonus, leaving you with less cash.

For any support on your Titan Poker bonus code, don’t hesitate to contact us through e-mail at:

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