If you are a serious online poker player, or even one that plans to spend an extended amount of time playing online, then you will want to consider some type of rake or cash back poker bonus program. These programs essentially pay you money based on the terms of the deal you have with your online poker site.

How to Get Rake Back or Cash Back?

The VIP scheme at titan poker is the equivalent of getting 64.5% titan rakeback and the party poker loyalty scheme is also pretty sweet equivalent to getting 40% party poker rakeback. Another way to receive these offers is to contact the pokersite directly. If you already have an account with the website, contact their support staff and inquire about how you can go about earning rake back for your account.

What is rakeback?

When a player receives rake back from a site, they essentially receive a cash payment from the online poker site based on the amount of rake generated in the hand. Online poker sites take a percentage from each pot for rake and at the end of a month, players receiving rake back receive a payment ranging from 25 to 35 percent of the rake you generate in both cash games and in tournaments.

How Do Cash Back Poker Bonuses Work?

If you are a player at a site offering Cash Back, you receive monthly payments from the website based on the number of frequent player points you accumulate with the site. For example, if you accumulate 3,000 points in a month, a site may pay you $50 cash to your account. The points are accumulated based on the rake generated in cash games as well as the amount of fees paid into tournaments.

Which Method is More Advantageous?

When asking whether cash back or rake back is more advantageous, the answer depends on the site. For example, let’s say that one site offers a cash back program based on point earned. You receive 1 point for every .10 in rake that you generate. The program pays $50 for every 3000 points you earn on the site. That equals to about $300 in rake that you paid out. Next, a particular rake back site pays you 25 percent on all rake earned. If you pay $300 in rake on that site, you get back $75. It becomes clear that in this example, rake back would be the clearer choice. Essentially, read the terms of all offers to help you determine which offer is best for you.

For many online poker players, the payments received from these programs are the difference between the player being a winning player or being a break even player. Rake back and cash back programs are designed to award players for loyalty to an online poker site. Take your time and do your research before signing up for an account. Soon you too can use rake back or cash back offers to help you make more money at poker.

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