Put Your Opponents on Tilt

We have already discussed what tilt is and some methods of combating tilt. You should now appreciate how dangerous it is for you to be on tilt. Opponents going on tilt, however, is a whole different story! You want the other players on the table to start tilting as this will be one of the most profitable times for you to play poker. This article will discuss how to make your opponents go on tilt.

Show Your Bluff

Showing your bluff is a great way to put the player who’s just folded on tilt. The other player will get angry at folding his better hand and angry at you for making him look bad. This might make him always call your raises from now on so you can value bet him until his chip stack is reduced to zero. Not all online poker rooms allow you to show your hand but the merge poker network has a “show your cards” feature, we have an exclusive sportsbook poker bonus. Sportsboook is in our opinion the best poker room on the merge network so try it out, show your bluffs and make some money by making your opponents tilt!

Hero Call

A hero call is calling your opponents raise in a big pot on the river when you have a hand of a very low value, e.g. lowest pair or high cards. Obviously you should not be doing this very often at all, only when you think your opponent has missed a draw for example. Making a hero call is a great way to put your opponent on tilt. If they have raised all the way and you showdown with trash and win, imagine how they are going to feel!

Insulting The Other Players

If your opponent loses a hand then making fun and insulting him either in the chat box at an online game or talking to him live is another way of making him tilt. Famous players who adopt this arguably shady tactic are Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matusow. These are very successful poker players who have made amazing amounts of money playing poker. However, many argue that trash talking is not only a bad way to behave but actually is stupid because it makes the insulted player humiliated and stops him coming back for more. Daniel Negreanu has advocated this second approach which is always to behave civility to your opponents. The last thing you want is your most profitable player – the one you are likely to win the most money from because he is playing so badly – to leave the table and never play with you again. Whatever your opinion is, there is no denying that insulting your opponents is a method of tilting them. Whether you choose to adopt this approach is up to you.

Slow Rolling

Slow rolling occurs at showdown and is when you hold the nuts or a very strong hand that you are sure is good enough to win the pot but make your opponent show his hand first and then pretend that he has won. You might pull a face that makes you out to be angry or you may just take ages to show your hand. You give your opponent the impression that he’s won the pot, only to take this away from him by eventually showing him that you’ve won. Slow rolling is considered unethical by some members of the poker community but is another sure fire way of making your opponent start tilting.

You should make your own decision about how far you want to go in order to make money playing poker. As mentioned above, Daniel Negreanu and many other players like Phil Ivey have made plenty of cash by always being civil and polite to all their opponents. On the other hand, think about the times you’ve been on tilt because of things your opponents have done to you, did the other players show you mercy? No? Didn’t think so!

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