Beating Tight Tables

There is a general rule in poker strategy that if you are playing at a loose table then you need to tighten up and become more selective about the hands that you are playing. In a tight game you need to open your game up a bit and become more aggressive. In both of these types of table you would be taking advantage of the styles of the rest of the table. You will find, more often than not, that it is not the entire table that is playing tight but rather the majority of the players at the table and, while you should still become more aggressive, you need to be aware of the players that are playing aggressively along with you. At tight tables you have the opportunity to pick up a lot of smaller pots by bluffing. Your biggest challenge at tight tables is that you do not always get paid off on the really good hands that you do have.

Hand Selection at Tight Tables

One of the first things that you want to do at a tight table is to broaden your range of starting hands. With most or all of the players at the table playing tight this will give you a lot of opportunities to take down pots that they are just leaving up for grabs. You should be playing in more pots at a tight table than you would at a loose, or even an ordinary, table. Always remember that some players have the ability and propensity to change gears so you need to constantly be aware of this possibility. Changing gears is the term that is used to describe when a player switches their playing patterns in the middle of a session. So those tight players that you have been playing against may all of a sudden start to play aggressively.

Bluffing at Tight Tables

Many people are mistaken about this but it is easier to bluff a tight player than it is to bluff a loose player. Tight players are always aware of possible hands that could have them beaten while loose players do not always think about much more than the hand that they are holding. At a tight table you want to look for situations that are good opportunities to win pots by bluffing. Don’t feel bad if you finally get caught with one of you attempts to bluff. Just look at is as an advertising expense because it will help you to get paid off more when you do have a hand, and this is your biggest challenge at a tight table.

What to do When Tight Players Bet Aggressively

When a tight player starts to bet aggressively you need to give that a lot of respect. When you are in a pot with a tight player and he starts betting in to you and raising your bets then you need to reconsider the value of the hand that you are holding. When a tight player calls your bets on the flop and turn, you can bet that he has a hand as they usually do not call through the turn with drawing hands. In this type of a situation you are probably up against a really strong hand that the tight player was trying to slow play.

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