WSOP on ESPN: Hellmuth Makes Another Grand Entrance

On the felt, you could meet all sorts of different characters; from lonesome cowboys to blonde bombshells, techno-geeks to money-hungry moguls, and much more. But then again, no matter how diverse the crowd can be, the chances of meeting a Roman Emperor are still close to nil, right? Not quite. Absurd as it may be, Caesar has actually been a regular on the WSOP for the past years. Although, it’s not really Caesar per se, but Phil Hellmuth dressed in a cheesy costume. Amusing or Annoying? You decide.

Hate him or Love him

11-time WSOP bracelet winner and Ultimate Bet sponsored pro, Phil Hellmuth certainly is quite the character. After all, it takes quite a lot of guts for a middle-aged man to dress up in a gaudy Caesar costume, bronze breastplate, crown of leaves, faux six-pack, and all. Hellmuth has been upholding this bizarre tradition for quite a number of years now, all the while generating reactions that hail from the opposite sides of the spectrum. He did it again for the most recent WSOP and the whole display was televised and shown on ESPN for all the world to see. Indeed, you can either hate him or love him, but nobody at all can deny that Phil Hellmuth has the talent to back up all of his absurd antics. Laugh at his tasteless Roman Regalia all you want, but you’re sure to stop laughing when he starts playing his cards and raking in the chips. Hellmuth is big enough in the world of poker to practically have the license to do anything. Then again, no matter how big he is, he’s still not exempt from some telling off from the Godfather of Poker himself.

The Godfather: Not Amused – at all.

Each time Phil Hellmuth showed up in his Roman Regalia, other pros would usually just shrug it off, either hiding their annoyance or disguising it as amusement. Not Doyle Brunson, though. As the most influential figure in the world of Poker, Brunson can easily express his opinions about any pro and not worry about retribution. As Hellmuth made his entrance, Brunson visibly rolled his eyes in exasperation. He did not leave it at that, and proceeded to harangue the Poker Brat with a series of questions when they met at the tables. “You’ve done something to the poker world with this entrance that you make. I mean, tell me the truth, are you embarrassed at all?”, inquired Brunson. Without batting an eyelash, Hellmuth replied, “Not at all.” His answer probably displeased the Godfather, as he retorted, “Not at all? I’m embarrassed for you.” Hellmuth then retorted with a barb, saying that he thought Brunson would be proud of it, considering that it would put money into the latter’s pockets. Brunson snapped back, calling Hellmuth’s antics as “making a circus out of a poker game”. In defense of his actions, Hellmuth then proceeded to say that he’s adding a little drama and a little theater to the game, to which Brunson replied that ‘if people want to go to the theatre, they go to the theatre.’ Then, in an attempt to put the matter to rest, Hellmuth asked Brunson if he believed that the entrances were bad for poker. Without a hitch, Doyle Brunson said, “yes.” Even when Hellmuth asked, “really?”, Doyle Brunson reaffirmed his ‘yes’.

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