WSOP Bracelet for Sale on Ebay

Something’s causing a big buzz right now in the internet – a WSOP Bracelet has been put up for sale in Ebay. Of course, there have been weirder things put on sale, like a ghost in a bottle, Britney’s used chewing gum, the meaning of life, and the right to name someone else’s baby. Still, it’s no small issue when someone puts up such an important memorabilia like this for sale.

Whose Bracelet is it?

A WSOP Bracelet is practically the most important symbol in the poker world; it’s almost blasphemous to see one on Ebay. But apparently, T.J. Cloutier, six-time WSOP Bracelet winner and poker hall of famer, has his bracelet for sale on Ebay. The bracelet is said to be the one he won during the 2005 WSOP in the $5000 No Limit Hold’em Event. It was the last of his six bracelets, and it was put on sale by the Plano Pawn Shop. This Pawn Shop is located just ten miles away from T.J.’s hometown in Texas. The minimum bid it’s asking for is a meager $2,999, just a fraction of the price for a WSOP buy-in, and that’s not the end of it. Plano Pawn Shop also claims to have another bracelet on sale: Cloutier’s bracelet from the 2007 Scotty Nguyen Poker Challenge IV. The starting bid for that one is $2499, but it’s not yet up for sale on Ebay. You can set up an appointment with the pawn shop and see the bracelets yourself.

Is it Authentic?

Nonetheless, the appearance of the bracelet has sparked a lot of talk and speculation about its actual authenticity. It is perhaps because of this doubt that anybody has yet to place a bid on it. The Pawn Shop has promised to present a certificate showing the authenticity of the bracelet, but you know how these things are. People are debating about the authenticity of the said bracelet, even going so far as to compute the actual value of the WSOP bracelet itself. If one merely takes into consideration the bracelet’s make, then the WSOP bracelet would roughly cost $2,350, which makes the starting price of the bidding rather reasonable. Then again, if you consider the history and the rarity of the bracelet (only 500 of them have been awarded), it’s practically impossible to tell how much this bracelet really costs. Still, if Cloutier did sell it, then he must’ve gotten only $1,000 -$1,500 for it, which is a rather sad thing, considering the bracelet’s true value. It doesn’t even matter that with 6 bracelets, he could easily part with at least 1 of them. It’s really sad, but what’s done is done and Cloutier has yet to give his own two cents about this issue.

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