WPT Officials Hold ‘Raw Deal’

The success of the show largely depends on how the host handles himself. One misstep and it could spell ruin for even the most established shows. However, if the host actually manages to contribute positively to the show, then he will likely be remembered with fondness, especially by the fans who truly value a commentator’s useful and informative input. Now, however, greenhorns are being given a chance by the WPT officials to join the ranks of Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten as a member of the WPT broadcast team.


Who is Eligible to Join?

Thinking that this could be your big chance to make it big in the world, to become a celebrity? Well, hold your horses. Find out if you’re eligible first. The only ones who can join this contest are those who are aged 21 and above. Of course, it’s a given that the candidate must have a wealth of knowledge about poker. What can the host say about the poker tournament, after all, if he can’t even explain what blinds and bets are? The candidate must be opinionated – as this is practically a prerequisite for being a host, especially since you’re going to be doing a lot of ad lib throughout the duration of the tournament. You’re going to have to learn to adjust and respond to your co-hosts too. However, if you’re not “opinionated and outspoken”, then don’t worry, you can still sit back and enjoy the show as the candidates do battle it out to get a seat beside Mike Sexton as the new WPT host.


How do you Join?

The winner of this contest will most likely have a great jumping off point for a possible career in showbiz, so you can expect that there will be many who will be interested. There are two ways to join, the first one is to go to the Bike in Los Angeles on August 19, 11:00AM. There will be a nine-hour session wherein the WPT officials will be preparing for the Legends of Poker. During this time, the participants will be trying out their skills, auditioning to be hosts. There’s another easier way to join, which is to simply make a commentary for a video on the WPT website. Basically, the video contains footage of Phil Hellmuth and Andy “BkiCe” Seth at the Bay 101 Shooting Star event.

The video has all the usual elements of an interesting play, with Phil Hellmuth thinking out loud as usual. What’s interesting though is that this is the moment wherein Hellmuth walked out of the stage and succumbed to a fetal position in despair. The candidates for Raw Deal will have to make a 45-second video about this moment and upload it to the WPT facebook page. The top 10 will be called by the WPT officials for further auditioning, while the top 25 will simply get giftpacks. Either way, it’s a great opportunity so you better not miss out on it.

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