Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s Bankroll takes a Dive

Since Viktor “Isildur1” Blom joined PokerStars, he seemed to have little to zero time for those big cash games that he used to have over at Full Tilt. All we heard about him were updates about the SuperStar Showdown and how he managed to defeat four of his five opponents so far. Then, we suddenly get this tidbit of news that Isildur1’s back in the game, having just won a whopping $620,000 from Scott Palmer, along with nearly $500,000 the next day. These wins of his have proven that he hasn’t quite lost his touch yet – but then another piece of info comes through that Isildur1 just lost all that money and is now up by just a little over a hundred thousand, and Isildur1 proves yet again that he’s swingier than a tree swing in the middle of a raging typhoon.

Isildur1’s Swings

Isildur1 has always been considered as a great cash game player. But then his hyper aggressive style ensures that both his wins and losses will be huge – humongous, even. A testament to this is how Isildur1’s week played out. He started the week as undisputed king of the high stakes world, having beaten Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer, one of the most prolific online players of our time, in a session that spanned 745 hands. They were playing $50/$100 PLO with a mandatory 3-bet. The two battled it out fiercely, but Isildur1 soon came out as the winner, with $620,000 safely tucked under his belt. He decided to supplement that the next day by winning $495,000 – making his PokerStars winnings amount to more than a million in just a matter of days.

But then he ended his week with a major meltdown, his winnings taking a deep plummet that puts him just a little over negative, courtesy of Gavz101 and compris. Gavs101 managed to take $591,000 from Isildur1 and compris won $201,000. It’s almost like the week’s wins didn’t happen at all for Viktor Blom.

Other Winners and Losers

Things are pretty much heating up at PokerStars now that Blom’s there. He practically buoyed Gavz101 and compris to the leaderboard last night in terms of winnings. High stakes action on Full Tilt Poker, on the other hand, is being just as riveting as it’s always been. Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen is enjoying an excellent run while Gus Hansen’s luck seems to be running out as he’s now down by more than $300,000 in the past few days alone. Patrik Antonius is also suffering from a little slump, having lost several dollars in a couple of cash games.

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