Tony G has Eyes on Eastgate’s Bracelet

Tony G, one of today’s most controversial players, has announced just yesterday that he is planning to buy the WSOP bracelet that Peter Eastgate has put up on Ebay. His announcement sparked quite a bit of a stir in the poker industry, considering how he made no secret of what he was going to do with the bracelet, and it proved to be just as controversial as his reputation.

A collar for his dog

Tony G posted in his blog that he would be trying to purchase Eastgate’s bracelet. The bracelet was put up on sale at Ebay for $16,000 after having been appraised by a jeweler to be valued at $10,000. Bidding was going at a snail’s pace, with the bracelet having been posted for two days but only getting a handful of bids that made its value increase to $16,500. Tony G, thinking that there won’t be any further bids on the bracelet, decided to make his stand at $17,500. He said, “I don’t expect any further bids and, as I know, there are very few people with the heart and courage to challenge a determined Tony G.” He went on to say that he would be using the bracelet as a collar for his dog, Zasko, a German Shepherd. He says that it’s the “ultimate dog bling” and that the dog is his “gladiator and protector” and thus deserves to be decked out in such important poker regalia.

A plan that Backfired

People, used to Tony G’s personality and penchant for self-promotion, did not voice out their indignant responses to the pro’s blog post. Tony G himself has said that people might accuse him of making a mockery of the WSOP and Peter’s win. But he assures his readers that that’s not his intention and that he respects Eastgate’s decision to quit. However, it seems as if Tony G’s plans have backfired as his blog post just sparked more interest in the bracelet. It turns out that a lot of people have the “heart and courage” to defy him, and the bidding has made the bracelet’s price skyrocket to a whipping $45,000. We’ll get to see exactly how determined Tony G is to get the bracelet as a collar for his dog – although, if he really wants one, I suppose he could just try winning at the WSOP and getting his own bracelet instead of buying someone else’s.

Eastgate, however, is selling his bracelet off for a good cause – UNICEF, in particular – and even if Tony G doesn’t get the bracelet, some credit will undoubtedly be shipped to him for bringing the item some much needed attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if he says something along the lines of “I knew it all along” or “that was my intention in the first place” when all is said and done.

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