The Micros: Episode 3 now Out

Everyone’s favorite Poker Youtube Cartoon Series is now back with its third episode, entitled “One Flew over the Kookaburra’s Nest”, an allusion to the popular 1975 film, “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” starring Jack Nicholson. If you watched the second episode of the Micros, then you probably have a fair idea of why it’s titled so.

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The Story so Far

In the third episode, we finally get to see what happens to our three main characters. First of all, we get to see what happens to Balls who, by the end of the second episode, was in danger of being sent into a rehabilitation center for her gambling addiction. It turns out that Tommy and Chase really did push through with their plan to have Balls ‘cured’. Chase went on to play at the Aussie Millions, wherein he got all pumped up for the game only to become the first to be eliminated. Balls, meanwhile, was suffering immensely in the hands of the white coats. They subjected her to various forms of ‘torture’, the worst of which was forcing her to watch the Oprah Winfrey Network. Balls, unable to take the tribulations, asked a shady guy called ‘Snowman’ – take one look at him and you’ll see why he is called thus – for help. Snowman devised a diversion for her – for a price, of course – and Balls managed to escape while riding on a kangaroo.

Tommy and Chase, meanwhile, were making prop bets about people in Australia riding on kangaroos (We all know where that’s headed, right?) when a guy named Maximilian Rofls, winner of six WSOP bracelet and author of “Let there be Triple Range Merge’, a bestselling poker book, entered the club along with Tatjana, world-renowned big-boobed poker reporter. Chase was ecstatic to see Rofls, being a big fan, so he approached the guy and asked for an autograph. But then Rofls saw that Chase was the notorious Suedetooth who lost nearly half a million in the high stakes tables just recently. Rofls, apparently being a big jerk, proceeded to call Chase a luckbox – which he is. Chase, of course, got angry and challenged Rofls to a heads up match.

Audience Reception

Personally, I thought it was a pretty good episode – not as good as the first one, admittedly, but interesting nonetheless. It’ll certainly be fun waiting to see where Rosenkrantz and Wray are taking this show, especially with the new characters they’ve added. However, people on YouTube were far from pleased – then again, they almost never are. Episode 4 is already in the works and should be due out soon.

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