The Micros Episode 2

It’s been a rather long time since the first “The Micros” episode aired on YouTube, almost three months, in fact. But now the long wait is over and we can finally enjoy the much anticipated Episode 2. Now we finally get to find out what happened to Chase Berger and his friends, Tommy Phuoc and Rose Ballenger, after the big break at ‘The Mega’.

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A Little Recap

For those who haven’t seen the first episode of The Micros yet, I suggest you head on over to YouTube and view this wonderful piece of work by Jay Rosenkrantz and John Wray. Poker fans will surely be delighted by this cartoon series, especially since it truly captures the essence of the online poker world through its three different characters. Chase “SwedeTooth” Berger is the aspiring poker player who has yet to make his big break; Tommy “REALTommyPhuoc” Phuoc is the talented and very consistent poker player who could make it big were he not so afraid of moving up the higher stakes, and Rose “Balls” Ballenger is the heads up specialist who just happens to be unpredictable to the point of insanity. Their lives change entirely when Chase gets lucky and wins $1.2 million at the Mega.

“Play Poker like the Rose”

The very first thing you will see when you watch the second episode of the Micros is the shiny Full Tilt Banner at the opening. It seems as if Wray and Rosenkrantz have found a huge sponsor for their cartoon and the only changes are that the three characters are now Full Tilt players.

Once the banner is out of the way, you’ll see that the second episode of the Micros opens with Tommy’s voice narrating as he writes an entry on his blog. He, along with Chase (and his Hellmuth book), Rose, and a Ninja are on a plane going to somewhere. We get an update on their careers after their big break. Tommy, ever the practical one, is looking for an investment opportunity. Chase is more or less lukewarm about everything, not really thinking about his future and getting pretty annoyed that people are calling him a ‘luck box’ – which he is, really.

He also wants to compete at a live tournament, much to the displeasure of Tommy, who points out that Chase isn’t exactly the best at live games. Then there’s Rose who wants to play at the Nose Bleeds, much to both of Tommy and Chase’s displeasure. But Rose sees her ‘white whale’ in the list of players online and decides to steal Chase’s laptop and lock herself in the bathroom, playing the nose bleed stakes against her friend’s wishes. What happened after that? Well, it’s best if you just watch it yourself at YouTube. It’s well worth eight minutes of your time.

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