SuperStar Showdown: Isildur1 vs. DodgyFish72

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom had a very unusual opponent at the SuperStar Showdown this week in the form of Attila “DodgyFish72” Gulcsik. Gulcsik is an amateur poker player from Hungary who, evidently, is not a superstar. He actually got the chance to play against Isildur1 because of a special $11 satellite which was followed by a Heads Up Tournament. Hopes for him winning against the season pro were slim to none and yet Gulcsik managed to surprise everyone – even himself – by narrowly missing a whole victory. By the end of the match, he was only down by $10 and, due to some special rules, he got to keep the $14,990 that PokerStars handed him as buy-in for the Showdown.

About Gulcsik

Defeating a seasoned poker pro could be one’s ticket to fame – but then again, this is something that’s easier said than done. This was why nobody had really high hopes when they announced that an amateur Hungarian poker player named Attila “DodgyFish72” Gulcsik was to be Isildur1’s next opponent at the SuperStar Showdown. In fact, everybody just assumed that Gulcsik would bust out before the required 2,500 hands would be reached. Even Gulcsik himself harbored no illusions of a great victory, even saying that his goal was simply to “try and play well without making huge mistakes”. He admitted to being a huge underdog and knowing that Blom had a lot more experience in being “one of the best in the field of heads-up cash games”.

Gulcsik must have surprised even himself with how well he played against the seasoned pro. At first, his play was a bit wobbly, and by halfway point, Gulcsik was actually stuck on the losing end. But then he steadily tried to grind back until the difference between their stacks was nominal. They were pretty much head to head by the time the end was nearing. Then, at the 2,500th match, Gulcsik posted the $10 blind but had to fold to Isildur1’s $3,745 shove. That measly $10 was the only thing that Gulcsik lost and the only thing that Isildur1 won. They ended the match with a few hearty ‘GGs’, with Isildur1 complimenting Gulcsik on how he played “really good”. Gulcsik thanked Isildur1 and called him a “Class Guy”.

A Special Case

Normally, Isildur1’s opponent would have to use his own money during the match, but Gulcsik was a special case since he got through by a qualifier. PokerStars financed him, so any money he still had by the end of the match would be his – which, it turned out, was $14,990. Also, he and Isildur1 reduced the stakes to $5/10.

Still, despite the fact that he only won a by a margin of $10, the victory still goes to Isildur1, who has now won 4 out of 5 SuperStar Showdown matches.

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