Rumor Mill Says Isildur1 Might get Signed by a Major Network

It’s generally unknown why Isildur1 insists on keeping his anonymity, especially now that people practically have a solid idea of who he is anyway. Still, I suppose this anonymity has only made it more interesting whenever his name – or screen name – gets mentioned in the rumor mill. This time, it seems as if Isildur1 will get signed by one of the big online poker networks.

It could be him

Sohello Shah, a blogger who writes about poker for Expressen, a Swedish Newspaper, has just recently revealed that a poker pro who is ’20 years old’ and ‘has been the talk of the poker world since 2009’ will get signed by a large poker network. Of course, the most likely candidate for that is Viktor Blom, who is widely considered to be the mysterious Isildur1. Blom denies these allegations, saying that he is not Isildur1, but then again, who believes him, right? Too many clues point to him being Isildur1, just as too many clues point to Isildur1 being the one who is going to get signed by a major poker network. Apparently, this deal has been ‘on the negotiating table’ for quite some time now. The player in question has hired an agent to take care of the deal for him, which is quite characteristic of Isildur1’s near obsessive need for privacy.

Which Network?

There aren’t many clues as to which network is planning to sign this mysterious Swede, but people are thinking that it might be Full Tilt Poker. After all, it is on Full Tilt that Isildur1 plays and where he managed to build that notoriety he currently has by playing against some of the biggest and most seasoned pros in the poker industry. Isildur1 will probably be most remembered for that beating that he delivered to Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan, which is why many people call the mystery Suede as Dwan’s arch-nemesis. Of course, he also lost against some of the big players such as Ivey and Antonius. His antics were enough to make him the talk of the town back in 2009.

Isildur1 has recently made some sort of comeback at Full Tilt Poker, although his success hasn’t been anywhere close to what he managed to achieve last year. In fact, he’s been taking quite a beating from other Full Tilt players like Jungleman13. Still, people continue to watch him, and everyone gets excited whenever he goes online. Whichever network it is that manages to get him on board his team, they sure made a smart move because Isildur1 is exactly the type of player to draw an audience.

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