Poker Pro Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Murder of Parents

Ernest Scherer III may have been a decent poker player, but he certainly didn’t play the cards that life dealt him well enough to avoid life in prison without the possibility of parole. Scherer was convicted of two counts of first degree murder, the victims of which were his very own parents.

The Gruesome Story

The news of Ernest Scherer, former poker pro and realtor, being convicted of double murder shocked the whole poker community in earnest as the details of the gruesome story were revealed and made public. Scherer was actually a fairly successful poker player, with over $300,000 in live poker winnings, online poker earnings not yet included. However, like many gamblers, Scherer fell off the luck train and began accumulating debts. Aside from his debts, he also needed money for his numerous girlfriends and for his house. Feeling the whole weight of his financial woes, Scherer resorted to murder in order to gain the $1 million inheritance that he would get from his parents should they die.

Ernest Scherer and Charlene Abendroth were both found dead at their country club home a week after the incident happened. Apparently, the two of them were repeatedly stabbed and were beaten to death. According to evidence found by the police more or less proved that Scherer used a baseball bat to beat his parents and then proceeded to slash their necks and wrists to ensure that the job was done.

The Verdict

Scherer claimed that he was actually in bed at his Southern California home when the whole incident took place, but unfortunately for him, video evidence showed that a red chevy camaro, presumably Scherer’s red chevy camaro, was recorded to have been driving by the place where the victims lived right about the time the murders took place. His cellphone was also turned off during the time that the crime occurred, which is quite fishy considering that Scherer is a very avid cellphone user. He also purchased a baseball bat just hours prior to the murder, along with Nike running shoes, the prints of which matched those found in the crime scene.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, though, Scherer’s attorney maintains that his client is innocent and says that there is not enough evidence to actually link Scherer to the crimes. Of course, the jury begged to differ, and all the members decided to sentence Scherer to life in prison.

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