New Record is Set for Biggest Pot in a TV-Cash Game

There’s a sort of sick fascination that comes with watching high-stakes poker on TV. It’s just so intense – that moment when one player’s fortune shifts to another player. It only takes a few seconds, but the play on emotions is unlike any other, an aspect made more interesting by the fact that showing emotions is a weakness for a poker player. If you’re like me and you like to watch the drama unfold behind the poker faces of the most brilliant pros, then you surely mustn’t miss the chance to watch the Full Tilt Poker’s Million Dollar Cash Game. Just recently, Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey clashed in a battle of nerves as they both vied for the $1,108,500 monster pot.

The Sheer Audacity of a Million Dollar Pot

Sometimes, the thought that people are wagering a million dollars over a pack of cards is a tough pill to swallow. The idea they’re playing for money that can be the equivalent of a lifetime’s work for some impoverished folk is just plain absurd. Then again, that’s what makes it so incredibly thrilling. Some pros have literally made their million dollar empires from naught but a few measly dollars, so really, they can do whatever the hell they want. So if Tom Dwan wants to make a preflop bet of $33,500 while holding a slightly decent 7H6H, then nobody has the right to complain. As such, this is exactly what he did on Full Tilt Poker’s Million Dollar Cash Game. It was an incredibly gutsy move for Dwan, considering how wrong things could turn out for him if he does not chance upon a good card. Phil Ivey was holding a hand of AC2D, a slightly safer value, considering the ace. He was not intimidated and immediately called. The flop was revealed as JC3D5C, giving both Ivey and Dwan remote chances of making a straight. Ivey, seeing that he did have a chance to complete his hand, decided to bet another $35,000. Dwan made the call. The suspense was building as the river was revealed to be 4H. Things truly started heating up then. Ivey put $90,000 on the line and Dwan did not even hesitate to raise to $232,500. This prompted Ivey to move all-in, creating a frighteningly massive pot. Now, if Phil Ivey, widely believed to be the best poker player today, moved all-in, any normal guy would be intimidated – but not Tom Dwan; he wasted no time at all and immediately made the call. Ivey was in trouble indeed; nothing short of a miracle could help him, and the inconsequential Jack that turned up at the river certainly didn’t. Dwan’s Straight was simply better than Ivey’s. In the end, that gigantic 1.1 million-dollar pot belonged solely to Tom Dwan.

On Keeping a Straight Face

All throughout this whole game, the atmosphere was incredibly tense, none of the three pros present were conversing and the only thing that could be heard was the rhythmic sound of Tom Dwan shuffling his chips. Antonius decided to fold early on in the game and just sat on the side, stone-faced as he watched the game play out, but not even he could keep from flinching when the results were revealed. What’s amazing, though, is that even after losing more than a million in one fell swoop, Ivey was able to maintain his poker face. It must’ve been pretty hard to hide that frustration bubbling beneath the surface – and that Phil was able to do so speaks volumes about his real skill.

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