Myserious Swede Playing at Full Tilt Poker

Another mysterious Suede has turned up at Full Tilt Poker, and no his name isn’t Isildur1. This time, it’s a player named “Lindqvro”. His prey turned out to be Dan “Jungleman12” Cates, who was playng at the $25/$50 PLO tables. This Lindqvro guy was reported to have won more than $300,000 while playing on four PLO tables at once. He also has an ultra-aggressive style – quite similar to that of Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, but with some very subtle differences.

Isildur1 All Over Again

When the mysterious player first turned up, people started asking questions. By pummeling Dan “Jungleman12” Cates, one of the hottest online players this year, it was a given that this Lindqvro aroused the curiosity of the online railbirds. The first logical step was to check the guy’s profile. Imagine everyone’s surprise to see that this Lindqvro guy was also from Sweden! Of course, all heads turned to Isildur1. Perhaps he was tired of all the fame and non-anonymity in PokerStars and decided to return to his old hunting grounds. Then again, he would be taking an unimaginable risk just b doing so. He’d be in trouble with PokerStars for breaking sponsorship rules, and he’d be in trouble with Full Tilt too for having multiple accounts.

Sure, he’s not really a stickler for rules, if evading taxes in Sweden is any indication, but it’s still highly unlikely that Blom would risk things, especially since he has such a good thing going at PokerStars right now and is literally treated as a SuperStar there. Also, dig a little deeper and you’ll find a lot of differences with Isildur1. His chat expressions, for one, are totally different. He also prefers different sizing and table options. Their only similarities, aside from the ‘mysterious Suede’ thing include a preference for playing four tables simultaneously and also a partiality to fast and aggressive heads up play.

Another Possibility

People on the two plus two forums are having a field day with all the speculation. Those who do not believe that Blom has once again taken up an anonymous handle think that Lindqvro is this Porteguese Omaha player who has recently been making waves at all the Euro sites. The obvious point against him, of course, is that the mystery player claims to be from Sweden rather than Portugal. Whoever it turns out to be, though, we sure are glad for his presence. The whole ‘mystery Suede’ theme is something that we have all sorely missed since Isildur1 made his identity known. We need a new ‘dark horse’, and Lindqvro is just the thing.

Play with Lindqvro now at Full Tilt Poker!

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