Isildur1 Signs with PokerStars

Isildur1 just managed yet another amazing feat in the world of poker. He got PokerStars to take him up as a pro whilst keeping his identity a secret. A sponsorship deal from the biggest poker network in the world is no small matter. He’s going to be playing alongside some of the best pros in the world, like Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Lodden, and Dario Minieri. In fact, Isildur1 said as much, stating that this being able to play alongside these three was the reason he joined PokerStars – that and the fact that PokerStars is the biggest site. Of course, Isildur1’s also always looking for a good challenge, and joining the biggest network will certainly be one.

More about Isildur1

Last 2009, Isildur1 got the world to watch him by playing huge cash games with some of the biggest pros in the world. Without showing any fear at all, Isildur1 matched the likes of Antonius, Ivey and Dwan. He lost millions and gained millions – but what was amazing was that nobody even knew who this dark horse was. His identity was a huge mystery, a mystery which no doubt made him even more famous. Then his run at Full Tilt was cut short by a scandal involving some big names in the industry who plotted just to bring him down. After that, Isildur1 disappeared for several months, only to reappear about halfway through 2010. Now, Isildur1’s name has cropped up again, and this time it’s tied to PokerStars. What’s exciting is that he said that he’s aiming to improve his live game so that he can join some upcoming events. Does this mean we’ll finally get to see his face? I certainly hope so.

Then again, part of Isildur1’s appeal is his aura of mystery so who knows, his new contract might just involve a Zorro mask of some sort. What’s sad though is that this might be the last we’ll see of him over at the Full Tilt tables, which is where the biggest cash games are fought, owing to the presence of cash game giants like Ivey, Antonius, and Dwan.

Battling Isildur1

Still, PokerStar’s new promotions will more than make up for any disadvantages Isildur1’s departure from Full Tilt might cause. For one thing, they’re holding a Superstar Showdown which will allow players to battle Isildur1 at stakes on a minimum of $50/100. Whoever has a profit after 2,500 hands will take the other player’s bankroll. There are also some qualifiers for this showdown, aimed at those who can’t afford stakes of $50/100 just yet. The qualifiers will begin on the 13th of December until the 3rd of April. The finals will be held on February 13 and April 10 next year.

The two winners of these qualifiers will battle Isildur1 head on. Whoever wins, be it the qualifier or Isildur1, will get a bonus of $10,000 from PokerStars.

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