Haxton Defeats Isildur1 in SuperStar Showdown

People’s anticipation for Isildur1’s first public match as a PokerStars Pro was at a fever pitch. Everyone was itching to know how this Dark Horse turned Poker Celebrity would fare in the new environment. Would he mow down Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton, a seasoned poker player, or would he end up getting mowed down himself? 2,500 hands and a profit of $41,000 later, Haxton emerged as the victor and Isildur1 was left licking his wounds after a particularly disappointing debut.

Isaac Haxton

The Battle

Isildur1 and Haxton played on four $50/$100 No Limit Hold’em tables simultaneously over the course of 2,500 hands. Their buy-in was a pretty impressive $150,000. In the beginning, Isildur1 was enjoying a pretty nice lead. The first 472 hands saw him with an edge of $11,000. Thing started going downhill for him after that, though, when the cards started siding by Haxton. The pivotal hand came when Haxton had Q-J of spades while Isildur1 had a pretty impressive hand of pocket queens. The flop was revealed to be 10-9-4. Isildur1’s advantage held but then the flop also gave Haxton a straight draw. The turn was no help to either of them, but then the king appeared on the river, completing Haxton’s straight. At that point, the two opponents were on even ground once again. The game was a seesaw of ups and downs after that, but then Haxton firmly took the lead at the last 1,000 hands.

In one of the more important hands near the end, Isildur1 moved all-in for $15,000, with the board revealing 5-9-3-2-2. Isildur1 had a hand of J-9, but then Haxton had K-9, beating the Suede’s hand by an inch. In the end, Haxton had a $44,000 profit. He also earned the bragging rights of being the first ever SuperStar Showdown Champ and the honor of saying that he beat Isildur1.

Different Reactions

Of course, with Isildur1’s defeat, the hype surrounding him pretty much died down a bit. He was human too, it seemed. Some people are even saying that it’s a waste of the showdown’s format to keep it solely limited to ‘a chance to fight against Isildur1’. They’re hoping that PokerStars will expand on it, and indeed, it seems as if PokerStars will. They’ve already hinted at their blog that there’s going to be sessions of the pokerStars SuperStar Showdown at the upcoming Caribbean Adventure in 2011. Indeed, it’s going to be pretty interesting watching the pros compete. Though, like many people, I too hope that they’ll expand on the format and not limit it to Isildur1.

He’s entertaining and no doubt very talented, but there’s only so much entertainment that he can provide. It’ll certainly be better if we see other pros in the fray as well.

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