Harrison “Gibler321” Gimbel Wins the PCA

It’s always a grand moment when someone so young wins something so grand. This year, the winner of one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, is a 19-year old boy named Harrison “Gibler 321” Gimbel. With outstanding skill, he found himself blazing through the tables and finally getting to the very top, earning himself a whopping $2.2 million as well as the prestigious PCA title.

6 Days of Intense Poker Action

In the beginning, everyone was hopeful. Many got their big breaks by just having one awesome run in the PCA, what with the impressive pot sizes that the tournament always seems to generate. Despite the sizable buy-in, 1,529 were able to enter and enlist into the grueling battle that was to be fought as soon as the cards were laid. By the 6th day, the 1,529 players had dwindled to just 8 – the lucky ones who managed to make it into the final table. The first clash of the day happened at exactly noon, almost like one of those quick draw duels way back in the Wild West. D’Angelo and Gimbel were battling for more than 10 million in chips – a pot that would effectively shift the game’s direction, a real make or break moment. D’Angelo, one of the biggest chip leaders throughout the tournament, had a pair of Jacks, while Gimbel had an intimidating set of ADKD. D’Angelo held the lead, but it was still anybody’s game. The cards, however, turned up ASQH3HACKC, effectively shipping the monster pot over to Gimbel.

Tom Koral became the first to go home among the top 8, followed by Zachary Goldberg, and then Ravn. D’angelo had to make his exit at 5th place. The carnage continued as Zamani’s AH10D clashed with Gimbel’s Pair of 8’s. Another 8 came with along with the community cards, effectively shipping the pot to Gimbel and pitting him out of the running. Barry Shulman, who had displayed amazing luck so far with his all-ins, finally met his match when he battled his QC10S with Gimbel’s AH9D. The board came up in favor of Gimbel, and Shulman made his exit at third place.

Gimbel vs. Reiman

Finally, there were only two left on the table. The game had reached its final stage, with Gimbel and Reiman facing off in a heads up battle. It took 45 grueling hands, but ultimately, it was Gimbel who took home the money when his Pair of 10’s managed to beat Reiman’s Pair of 8’s. The battle was pretty close, what with the board turning up as 10D, 6D, 2H, 8H, and JS. It was almost ironic as Reiman made his exit at second place. In the end, it was 19 year old Harrison Gimbel with the title and the $2.2 million prize money. You can qualify for next year’s PCA at Pokerstars, but remember to use the PokerStars Bonus Code: Pokerbonus.org when signing up in-order to get the best $600 bonus.

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