Erik Seidel Wins Aussie Millions Super High Roller Event

It seems insane that some people would spend $250,000 just for the buy-in on a single tournament – then again, if that’s the case, then 20 people must have been out of their minds, among them some of the biggest pros like Phil I vey, John Juanda, Tom Dwan, and more. Still, with $2.5 million at stake, perhaps it wasn’t such a crazy decision after all, especially if you ask Erik Seidel, the new owner of that pile of cold, hard cash. He managed to best one of the most star-studded fields in history, and there is no doubt that the prestige he earned is worth just as much as that grand prize.

An Intimidating Field

With all the big names lining up for the Aussie Millions super High Roller Event, it’s a wonder why the earth didn’t capsize the moment they laid their $250,000 buy-ins down on the table. The Aussie Millions Super High Roller Event is, after all, the largest buy-in tournament in the history of poker. The tournament attracted big names such as Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Annette Obrestad, Roland de Wolfe, and more. Even the Chinese businessmen that Ivey and Dwan battled against during the Macau Tournaments were in attendance. Still, the tournament was pretty fast paced and a lot of the pros dropped out early on. The nine-headed final table was soon filled out, with Sam Tricket in the lead and Phil Ivey having the short stack.

Sam Trickett was just fresh off a win at the $100,000 Challenge – that he was tearing up the star-studded field was pretty amazing in itself, and a lot of the people there had their eyes on him as he moved up the ranks and maintained the pace. The first one to go from the final table was Nikolay Evdakov. He was followed by Phil Ivey, arguably Poker’s most talented personality, and a lot of Ivey fans were pretty disappointed to see him go. Andrew Feldman followed, then Christ ferguson, then Richard Yong. Wang Qiang dropped out on fourth place, the last of the players to not have a share of the huge prize pool.

In the Money

David Benyamine was the one who got eliminated in third place, but it was hardly a loss since he did get a whopping AUD $1,000,000 as prize for his finish. Erik Seidel, a Full Tilt Poker pro, and Sam Trickett were the ones left for the heads up battle – which is quite amazing in itself because the two were also both in the $100,000 challenge together, with Seidel getting third place in that one. This time, though, it was Seidel’s turn to win, and he was quickly able to steal Trickett’s lead. In the end, Trickett held and Ace and a Queen while Seidel held a Jack and a 9. The flop was 9-5-3, giving Seidel the top pair. With a King falling on the turn and a 10 in the river, Seidel solidified his victory. Trickett walked away with AUD $1.5 million and Seidel won the title as well as the $2.5 million grand prize.

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