durrrr Challenge Update: Dwan in the lead by $878,490

It’s been almost a month since the last “durrrr” challenge session, and people have already begun to think that maybe Dwan and Antonius had forgotten all about it. But the two pros surprised everyone by turning up for a rare session last Thursday. They were able to play 1,256 hands of $200/$400 pot-limit Omaha in over four hours, making the total number of hands played 31,020. This means that there’s just – or still, depending on how you look at it – 18,980 hands to go. You can watch the durrrr challenge live at Full Tilt.

An Early Lead for Antonius

Antonius certainly seemed to be in his element at the very beginning of the match as he practically dominated all four tables. 200 hands into the session and Antonius had already won more than $200,000. If anybody else was in the opponent’s seat, they might have been thoroughly intimidated by now, but not Dwan. Tom Dwan, for all his aggressiveness on the felt, is actually someone who can go slow and steady when it comes to earning a profit. He proved this once again when he made a steady comeback after taking the early blows from Antonius. By the middle of the session, he had already regained his losses and was able to stand on a level field with his opponent.

A Series of Monster Pots

One of the great things about the “durrrr” Challenge is the promise of a monster pot in every session. Antonius and Dwan have never shied away from making big risks and even bigger bets, so it’s really not uncommon to see 6-figure pots when they battle it out. Their session last Thursday alone produced five monster pots in all. The first one came when Dwan and Antonius both went into a frenzy of betting when the flop came out as AC8H4H. Dwan had two aces on hand, easily giving him a very high three-of-a-kind. But Antonius, too, had a good reason to fight back, holding enough cards to form an 8-high straight. By all means, Antonius should have won, but Dwan lucked out when another ace hit the turn, allowing him to make quads. The four aces earned Dwan a sizeable $110,390 pot. Not to be outdone, however, Antonius got his own monster pot just minutes later. The two pros had checked and raised until they created a pot of $115,599. Dwan’s hand at that point was not quite so encouraging, and he ended up mucking the hand and shipping the pot to Antonius. The session’s biggest hand was $118,000 – an amount that was shipped over to Dwan when he managed his straight was completed as the river was revealed.

All in all, the session probably wasn’t their most exciting, nor did it have the most remarkable pots, but it was a welcome revival of the 36-day stagnant “durrrr” challenge.

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