Durrrr Challenge Resumes

Fantastic news, everyone: The durrrr Challenge has been resumed – now, now, before you guys get catty and say, “durrrr Challenge, what’s that?!”, let me remind you how exciting things get when Dwan and Antonius do bother to go online and give some attention to this challenge, things in the online poker world certainly start to liven up. Because, no matter how much people would like to say otherwise, the durrrr Challenge is and probably always will be interesting, especially now that Antonius has decided to fight back.


Antonius Counters

For the past several sessions, Tom Dwan has practically been dominating the challenge. He had a lead of about $2 million over Antonius, a pretty hard gap to close considering the odds. By then, the two of them had completed more than half of the challenge and were already going to reach three fourths of it. Still, the challenges were few and far between, and it didn’t take long for the memory of it to get lost in the sea of excitement that surrounded the WSOP. Now, however, when all the dust has settled, Antonius and Dwan came back to continue where they left off. Last Sunday, they played for a 280-hand session, with Antonius nabbing the four biggest pots.

The largest managed to reach $185,000. The flop was 7-10-J. Dwan had As-5s-Jc-Qc. Antonius had 5d-Qh-9c-8d. Dwan had the top pair and also a chance to get a straight. But while the turn turned out to be an ace, which improved Dwan’s hand considerably, but still not enough to counter Antonius’ straight. The river turned out to be a Four, which didn’t help Dwan any, shipping the largest pot to Antonius.


An Update

After that short session, Dwan and Antonius called it quits for the day and stopped. They logged in about 280 hands, making them complete 39,254 hands all in all. They’re really closing in on the 50,000 mark. Antonius was up by $244,672 by the last session and Dwan, despite his losses, still has a considerable $1.6 million lead. Whether or not Antonius can still top this is anyone’s guess, but it’ll certainly be worth watching – provided, of course, that they don’t take forever before they sit down for the next session of the ‘durrrr’ Challenge.

They better hurry it up because contenders for the challenge are already lining up. Brian Townsend would be the next challenger, and then Jungleman12, a cardrunners instructor. The Durrrr challenge takes place on Full Tilt Poker. You can sign up to Full Tilt for free but remember to take advantage of the best poker bonus when making your first deposit there.

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