Durrrr Challenge: Dwan gets Owned yet Again

At the pace the durrrr Challenge is moving, it’s pretty surprising that there are still some people who remember that it exists. Of course, it’s still interesting to watch the rare durrrr Challenge session whenever one does pop up, but hopes of ever seeing one finished have all but sizzled and died. In the most recent incarnation of the ultra rare durrrr session, we saw how Cates once again steamrolled Dwan and won approximately $143,704. Dwan’s now trailing behind by nearly a million dollars.

A durrrr Challenge Session, o rly?

The two of them logged in yesterday, March 8, to play a little bit at those durrrr Challenge tables that have been gathering dust. Cates was pretty determined to finish the challenge as soon as possible just a few months ago, but with Dwan’s reticence and his determination to keep the sessions short and sweet, Cates seems to have all but given up on the idea. This most recent session of theirs pretty much played out the same way as the others did. Cates once again proved that he had the upper hand, winning over $143,000 in just a matter of 110 hands. The 110 hands they played hardly put them any closer to the required 50,000 hands, but now they’re at the 17,456 mark. They haven’t even gotten to the halfway point yet but, oh well, maybe next year. They’ve had a total of 17 sessions so far. Dwan and Antonius took 64 sessions to get to the 40,000 point.

But then again, they were having longer sessions instead of these short, sporadic ones that Dwan and Cates seem fond of. There were no six figure pots in this most recent session of theirs, but the biggest one, worth $80,799 was shipped to Cates. The second largest pot, worth $66,398 was also shipped to Cates. Dwan won the third biggest pot, though, which was worth a rather unimpressive $35,199. All in all, Dwan’s now down by $844,869. He won 7,164 of the 17,456 hands while Cates is now up by $941,263.50. Cates won 10,164 of the 17,456 hands.

Dwan vs. Antonius

Even though the updates are slow and small, at least the Dwan vs. Cates challenge is still moving. The Dwan vs. Antonius challenge, on the other hand, is as good as dead. They have little more than 10,000 hands to go, but they’ve stopped having sessions altogether. The last one happened on August 3, 2010, a 182-hand session where Dwan won over $400,000. Dwan is up by $2 million in the first challenge, a stark contrast to how Cates is owning him in the second one. Some speculate that Antonius has already bought out of this challenge, but they have yet to give an official statement.

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