Dan Shak Wins the Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge

The Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge has the most expensive buy-in of all major poker tournaments. In fact, it’s so expensive that only a few players, most of them pros, have to guts to take the risk. This year, only 24 pros signed up, making a total prize pool of $2.4 million. The pros battled it out fiercely, but in the end, it was Dan Shack who took home the title as well as the $1.2 million first prize.

The Final Table

By the last day of the 2010 Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge, two-thirds of the field had already gone home. Only 8 were left to play at the final table. Howard Lederer, who had the shortest chip stack of all, was first to go, just ten minutes into the game. He was forced to go all in and had to walk away when the board didn’t give him what he needed. Karamalikis, who started out as the chip leader, unexpectedly fell at seventh place courtesy of none other than Phil Ivey, the Full Tilt sponsored pro. The next to be eliminated was Barry Greenstein whose QC10D fell to Bloom’s Pocket Kings. Tony G was the next one to go when he collided with Shak. Bloom was having a nice run until he moved all in against Phil Ivey. He had a decent two pair, but Ivey had a straight. Next to go was Jordanou, who fell at third place when his 2-pair clashed with Ivey’s flush. After that, it was only Ivey and Shak left as they went into the heads-up round.

Heads-Up with Shak and Ivey

By the time the tournament went into the final heads-up match, Ivey held the chip lead, but not by much. Ivey had 1,381,000 and Shak had 1,057,000. The match started out slow, with Shak eventually gaining on Ivey by winning a series of small pots. He eventually gained a slight lead, but it was not until a little later on that the action truly started. Ivey raised 90,000 at the preflop, and Shak made the call. The flop revealed JS 10C 5H. Shak checked, but Ivey seemed to have been confident as he bet 300,000. Shak was not deterred, however, and raised all in. Ivey mucked, giving Shak a 3-1 chip lead. It wasn’t long after that the final hand came. Ivey had AD10D and Shak had AC7C. Ivey started the action with a 100,000 raise, and Shak quickly reraised, moving all in at the preflop. Having a considerably shorter stack, Ivey made the call. They both flipped over their cards as the board was revealed to be QC 7H 5S 4D and 4C. That lucky 7 gave Shak a pair, effectively eliminating Phil Ivey at second place. Shak went home with the title and the $1.2 million prize money.

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