Cereus Network Software Found with Security Issues

Cereus Poker, which hosts online poker rooms UB Poker, formerly known as UltimateBet Poker, and Absolute Poker; has been informed by the Poker Tables Rating and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission that a security threat has been found in their software.

This threat to its security leaves the players open for hacking and other malicious and/or fraudulent online activities by unscrupulous internet hackers.  The security threat was found to be within the encryption system of the Cereus Network software which can allow hackers to view the players’ hole cards undetected.

In a statement released by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission Friday, they stated that there is a huge possibility for players’ data to be illegally retrieved in specified areas, thereby leaving them vulnerable online without their knowledge or consent.


In response to this security threat, Paul Leget, Managing Director of Tokwiro Enterprises which is the mother company of Cereus, said in behalf of the company that they highly appreciate the gesture of the Poker Tables Rating as well as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, to inform them of this security issue and that they will do everything within their power to remedy the situation the soonest time possible.

Mr. Leget further expressed their gratitude towards the Commission and the PTR by saying that they did the poker community great favor by making everybody aware of the flaw in the company’s software encryption system.

On the other hand, both the Commission and the PTR have likewise stated that as of their discovery of the said security threat, there have been no illegal activities pointing towards hacking the players’ accounts.

To be on the safe side, all three agree that players should cease from playing in the said online poker rooms until the security breach has been resolved.  Players are advised to wait for further announcements regarding the resolution of the security breach.


It was not so long ago when Absolute Poker and UltimateBet were mixed in a cheating scandal that sent shockwaves throughout the poker community all over the world.

Back in 2007, Absolute Poker’s reputation was tainted by one of the biggest cheating scams ever to take place in online poker rooms.  It appeared that there was a particular account that could access all of the players’ hole cards, thereby giving the user the right ammo to manipulate the table.

It turns out that the system was hacked by one of Absolute Poker’s consultants.

A similar incident also happened a few years back, some time around 2005, and this time in UltimateBet.

With all of these cheating scandals having tainted the poker rooms’ reputation, and with the newest security threat already out in the open, the future of these two poker rooms looks rather bleak at the moment.

Incidentally, Tokwiro Enterprises, which operates Cereus Poker, is wholly-owned by Joseph Tokwiro Norton and its two poker rooms are only among the handful of online poker sites that are American-friendly.  Its biggest endorsers are poker greats Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke.

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