Blom vs. Katchalov: The Verdict

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s most recent opponent on the Pokerstars SuperStar Showdown, Eugene “MyRabbitFoo” Katchalov, has just suffered from the ignominy of loss – and what a huge loss it is, too. By the end of the match, Blom had a lead that amounted to a whopping $111,750 – completely and utterly spelling a victory for himself.

The Match

The match started out innocently enough, with no indication of how insane things would get later on. The first piece of action actually came about 400 hands into the session, when the board failed to hand some help to Katchalov and the $20,000 pot was shipped to Blom. Katchalov fought back, though, and was able to take the lead by the time they got to about a hundred hands. However, things started going downhill for him after the first 800 hands or so. His pocket eights were no match for Blom’s pocket aces, and Blom soon managed to take the lead from Katchalov. With 1,000 hands played, Blom had already gained a lead of more than $27,000.

A definitive hand came when Katchalov was holding pocket nines and Blom was holding pocket Kings. When a 9 appeared at the board, Katchalov thought that he had it made, and thus ran amok with the raises. But then, luck was on Isildur1’s side, and a King also turned up on the board, giving him the superior hand. Sure enough, by the time they got to the 2,300 mark, Blom had already amassed little more than $100,000 and was clearly having a very wide lead against Katchalov. At the end of the required 2,500 hands, he had a whopping $111,750 and, of course, a hefty share of pride and prestige that came from besting this year’s PCA superstar.

Three in a Row

Viktor Blom a.k.a Isildur1 has been one of the primary sources of entertainment in the poker industry since he came out last 2009. When he became a PokerStars Pro, things got even better, especially since they created the PokerStars SuperStar showdown especially for him. So far, Blom has battled it out against Isaac Haxton, Tony G, and Dan “Jungleman12” Cates. Of these three, the only one who won against Blom was Haxton. Haxton was, ironically, Blom’s first opponent. His victory caused many people to doubt whether Isildur1 really deserves to have his own segment or not. But Blom quickly proved them wrong with his consecutive victories, now running on three.

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