Big Cash Game Spruces up Asian Poker Tour

The Asian Poker Tour in Macau was an exciting event indeed, with Zhang Dan Peng winning the Main Event and earning himself a pretty nifty HKD $1.68 million at the ripe age of 18. However, this story was overshadowed by the cash game that some big wigs in poker played with the businessmen of Macau. Fast-paced and gritty, the game reminded people of what action in poker is really supposed to be like. It was absolutely riveting to watch Phil Ivey, Chau Giang, John Juanda, and Tom Dwan battle it out with some of Macau’s biggest businessmen, with dizzying amounts of cash shuffled back and forth between the players.

More interesting than the Tournament

It was Matt Savage who posted the news about the huge cash game at the twoplustwo forums, earning quite a bit of attention from the other members. Savage said that the amount of cash being played at the table probably exceeded HKD $40 million. The sheer size of the pots being generated was enough to make Tom Dwan, who is primarily a cash game player rather than a tournament player, decide to purposely go bust just so he could go back to the Macau businessmen. Dwan had a taste of the game for just one hand and found himself wanting. He was ultimately eliminated at 25th place, at which point he got back to his new friends and they all transferred from the Hard Rock Casino to Starworld.

Monster Pots

At this point, most of the news coming in about the cash game are just bits and pieces of stories. But apparently, Dwan and Ivey clashed at one point in a huge pot worth HKD $4 million. The raising started pre-flop, with Dwan holding pocket sevens and Ivey holding A-10. Dwan’s hand bested Ivey’s and the monster pot was shipped to him. That wasn’t the only big pot that Dwan won, apparently, as he also managed to nab a pot that was worth around 16 to 20 million HKD in a three way all-in with the other players. It was Giang who would ultimately grab the honor of winning the biggest pot of the night – a shocking HKD $20 million – in a hand between him and one Hong Kong businessman. In the end, Dwan and Juanda were big winners, Giang the biggest, and Ivey was so-so. Another interesting tidbit was that Dwan apparently accepted a challenge from a certain businessman where the blinds would be worth HKD $50,000/100,000 – the biggest in the history of the Poker King Club.

Indeed, the High Stakes games in Macau did a wonderful job of drawing people’s attention to the more hard-edged side of poker. It almost feels like one of those high-octave movies set in the neon-studded casino cities. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

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