Andras Koroknai Wins the WPT L.A. Poker Classic

The one day delay in the WPT L.A. Poker Classic’s schedule did nothing to quell the excitement and anticipation that surrounded the final table. With a $1.8 million grand prize, the six competitors were all doing their very best to get to the very top. But in the end, it was Andras Koroknai who walked away with the title and the cash.

Hands 1 – 93

The pace of the game on the WPT L.A. Poker Classic’s Final Table was grueling and intense. The non-stop action certainly kept the fans at the edge of their seats as, one by one, the competitors at the final table left the room. The first one to go was Michael Kamran. He had the shortest stack going into the final table and he was not given an opportunity to rectify his dire situation as he was bumped off by Kasabyan. Next to go was J.C. Moussa who was eliminated by Tri Huynh. Kasabyan, despite having a good run, was sent packing in fourth place, also courtesy of Huynh. It was one of the most exciting plays of the session, with Kasbyan calling all in with his A-7. However, even at this point, Hyunh held the upper hand, as he had A-9. The flop was A-9-8, giving Hyunh a two pair. When the 7 turned up at the turn, it was truly a scene of bitter irony. Then a 9 happened to turn up at the river, giving Hyunh a full house, it almost seemed as if the fates were mocking Kasabyan. Kasabyan had to leave the table after that, leaving only Hyunh, Dolan, and Koroknai, all of them holding fairly even chip stacks. But Hyunh would not last long, as his pocket jacks fell to Koroknai’s pocket kings. Hyunh’s exit put Koroknai at a huge advantage.

The 94th Hand

Entering into heads-up, he had a 10:1 edge over Dolan’s chip stack, placing the latter in a very impossible situation. Sure enough, it took only one hand to force Dolan out of the game. Having a hand of Q-4, Dolan immediately made the call with what little remained of his chip stack. Koroknai had a Q-8 which put him at a better spot. Unexpectedly, though, the flop came as 10-9-4, giving Dolan a fighting a chance with his pocket 4s. However, along with the flop was two hearts, which made Koroknai’s hand a possible flush. The turn was revealed to be a 7, further improving Koroknai’s chances, giving him a shot at a straight. Finally, it was all up to the river to decide whether Koroknai would have a flush, a straight, something else entirely, or nothing at all – and sure enough, the King of Hearts appeared at the river, completing Koroknai’s flush and giving him the title as well as the $1.8 million prize.

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