888 Poker’s 8 Ways to the WSOP

The Chinese believe that 8 is actually a very lucky number, capable of bringing prosperity to those who use it. Of course, this could just be pure superstition. Then again, it wouldn’t hurt at all to try, would it? So, this year, don’t miss out on 888 Poker’s 8 Ways to the WSOP. With 88 packages up for grabs and 8 different ways to win, the number “8” might just give you your big break.

Everyone’s a Winner

Actually, just by stumbling upon the 888 Poker Site, you will already have made yourself a winner. If you sign up for a real money account on 888 Poker, you will be given $8 free. You don’t even have to make a single deposit. However, this promo is only accessible if you sign up through a certain link and if you’re one of the first 50,000 registrants. Anyone is entitled to join, as long as they have not yet opened an account at 888 Poker before. Also, there are some countries that are not eligible for this promotion, so you might want to check that out before you sign up. It should also be noted that 888 Poker does not accept US players, so naturally, they would not be eligible either.

8 Ways to the WSOP

If the free $8 doesn’t tickle your fancy or if you already had an account on 888 Poker in the first place, then you might want to check out their 8 Ways to the WSOP. There are 88 WSOP packages up for grabs, which means that there will be 88 winners in all. These 8 promotions don’t require you to be a poker genius, so everyone really has a chance of winning.

The first promotion is called “Persistence Pays”. The premise of this competition is really simple, you just have to rake the most hands in the game. Of course, this would require a lot of time and a lot of effort, and not many people have this luxury. The next type of promotion is a status points race called “Race your Way”. However, like the first, this needs a lot of time and effort. The third promotion, “Bring your Buddies” may just be more suited to people who have a wide social network. Basically, what you’ll do is to refer as many of your friends as possible to 888 Poker. If this one isn’t to your liking, then you can also try “Social Success”, a promotion meant for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube users. “Cards and Coins” is the fifth promotion; basically you just have to earn the most casino and poker status points. The next promotion is “Bounty Hunter”. Here, you’ll have to beat poker celebs and win at one of the tournaments. “Tourney Lovers” is a similar promotion, only it focuses more on joining the most number of tournaments with big buy-ins. Finally, 888 Poker has released a promotion that actually gives females an edge over males. “One for the Ladies” is a status points race in which only women can qualify.

If you win in any of these 8 promotions, you can win either a $15,000 WSOP Main Event Package or a $5,000 Event #54 Package. Each package includes 5-star accommodation, some cash, and 888 Poker Merchandise. You also get an invitation to the exclusive 888 Poker Party.

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