2011 WSOP Main Event Final Table: Nine Players Reduced to Three

As the most prestigious event in the world of poker continued on Sunday at the Penn and Teller Theater, the nine players who started out in the day were reduced to three. The 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event has moved forward, and only three players remain to press on to obtain the most coveted title and bracelet, namely Pius Heinz, Ben Lamb and Martin Staszko.wsop 2011

First Three Eliminations

Things started out slow during the day, but the first elimination eventually happened during the 51st hand. It was when Sam Holden called Ben Lamb’s 1.7 million raise with everything he’s got. Lamb then made the call and revealed A-K. Holden on the other hand had A-K, which was inferior right at the start. When the board was revealed, it even strengthened Lambs hand into a flush, which devastated Holden’s hand. A brief moment later at the 59th hand, Anton Makiievskyi followed Holden’s exit as he was taken out by Pius Heinz. Heinz then took the lead and continually fed his stack of chips allowing it to grow. A moment later, Bob Bounahra was eliminated by Martin Staszko. Bounahra managed to get an A-5, but it was proven to be the inferior hand against Staszko who got an A-9. The board read 7, 6, 2, K, and 6, which gave Staszko the better hand, still.

Moving On

As the day progressed forward, so did the eliminations. The next player to be eliminated was Eoghan O’Dea, when he was up against Staszko. O’Dea just did not get the straight he was looking for, and his hand was beaten by Staszko’s pair of 8’s. At the next hand of the day, it was Phil Collins who took the fall off to fifth place when he met his demise in the form of Pius Heinz. Heinz, who already had the top chip count, just did not want to stop taking others’ chips. Later on during the evening, Heinz had a little bit of trouble, which resulted to his chip stack shrinking for a bit but he eventually got more from his hands. The last player eliminated was Matt Gianetti. Although Lamb was having a tough time getting around, he found his way back when he went against Gianetti. Later on, Gianetti was yet again up against Lamb, but this time, he did not survive the encounter as Lamb’s hand was on a very different level. Gianetti had A-3, but Lamb already had pocket K’s with him. There was no hope of a comeback for Gianetti as the flop revealed K, K and Q, immediately giving Lamb an impressive quad of K’s.

Moving on to the next day would be Pius Heinz with 107,800,000, Ben Lamb with 55,400,000 and Martin Staszko with 42,700,000.

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