Using eChecks to Deposit in Poker Rooms

Instant eCheck deposits are becoming a popular way for people to play online poker without needing to use their credit cards. An eCheck is an electronic check that is as good as a personal check that a person would write at a store. When using an eCheck deposit in one of the many online poker rooms that accept them the money is automatically withdrawn from a persons checking account.

The rules for banks and eChecks is that it could take from seven to ten business days for the check to be processed. However, the poker rooms that provide eChecks as an acceptable account funding method will front the money instantly to the player (provided the player hasn’t abused the eCheck system in the past) with good faith that the persons eCheck will have the money in it.

It has been an effective and secure way for poker players to fund their poker playing activities at their favorite eCheck poker rooms. It is also a quick and painless process to do. When a person wins at the tables the winner will need to wait until the bank clears the check before they can withdraw their winnings. eCheck funds can also not be transferred using player to player transfers before they have cleared.

Poker players can create an online account on a poker website and then register their checking account and start playing instantly. The way eChecks work while playing poker is that a player will transfer money from their checking account into their poker account. Having a poker account will allow a person to deposit winnings and withdraw money to play.

The process of depositing money into a persons poker account is called an electronic funds transfer. It is processed by the player inputting their checking account number, routing information, date of birth, phone number, social security number, the amount to charge, and a bonus code if the player has one. The player will then need to click the submit button which authorizes the poker website to withdraw money from their account. A player can find their checking account and routing number from one of their paper checks that they use to write at a store. The routing number is always the first set of numbers on the check and the account number is the second set of numbers. A player will need to input their social security number to ensure that they are the person who owns the checking account. The poker website is able to compare the persons phone number and date of birth to their checking account to prove that the person is not trying to commit fraud by using another persons checking account.

Many poker rooms will allow a person to use a bonus code that will give them a certain amount of money to use for free when the person is creating a new account. This is an incentive to keep players coming back. Most poker websites have a certain limit that a person can deposit into their poker account when they are playing for the first time. After their eChecks have processed successfully, the poker rooms will raise their limits higher the next time they play. This is to ensure that the player is playing and paying on good faith.

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