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Party Poker is run by one of the world’s largest gambling corporations, PartyGaming PLC, who are indexed in the London Stock Exchange. Party Poker is also one of the largest online poker rooms and offers the highest rakeback rate out of the top 4 online poker sites.

By signing up through you can get the highest available 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus, as well as up to 40% rakeback. To access these exclusive offers, simply enter the Party Poker bonus code, THEGAME, when signing up.

The 40% rakeback at Party Poker is available through their VIP scheme. Unlike the majority of online poker rooms who try to hide the true value of their VIP schemes, Party Poker is very open and gives the exact rakeback percentage of each cash bonus you can buy at their VIP store. You can further increase your rakeback rate by doing well in any of the promotions that Party Poker runs. It is not uncommon for players to be getting over 100% rakeback at Party Poker.

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Party Poker Rakeback – Party Points

The Party Poker VIP scheme uses Party Points as its currency. Party Points are earned whenever you play real money cash games or tournaments. You earn Party Points at a rate of 2 Party Points for every $1 paid in tournament fees or cash game rake.

The Party Poker cash games use the dealt method to calculate how much rake you have contributed to each pot. A simple of explanation of this is as follows: 10 players are dealt into a cash game hand on Party Poker and the rake taken from the hand is $3. Each player is calculated to have contributed $0.30 to the rake ($3 divided by 10) and would receive the appropriate amount of Party Points for $0.30 rake. In this case it is $0.30 x 2 = 0.6 Party Points. This dealt method is preferred by a lot of players because you can earn Party Points even if you have folded your hand.

As you accumulate Party Points, you can use them to purchase cash rewards in the Party Poker VIP store. Alternatively if you don’t want a direct cash prize, you can also purchase a number of cool cash prizes.

Party Points also have two other functions. Firstly, they are used to determine your VIP level at Party Poker. Secondly, they are used to unlock your sign-up bonus at Party Poker, although you do not actually lose your Party Points when you unlock your sign-up bonus, allowing you to retain them and spend them in the VIP store.

Party Poker Rakeback – The Party Poker VIP Scheme

The Party Poker VIP scheme has 5 different VIP levels. The first 3 VIP levels are based on your monthly Party Point accumulation, while the final 2 VIP levels are based on your quarterly Party Points.

Key Level Points Required/Month Points Required/Calendar Quarter
Bronze 0
Silver 400
Gold 1,000
Palladium 9,000
Palladium Elite 50,000

As you increase your Party Poker VIP level, you will access a greater number of cash rewards, with a high rakeback rate.

Party Poker Rakeback – Cash Prizes

Cash prizes are purchased with Party Points. Each cash prize has a different equivalent rakeback rate. Therefore, the higher the prize you purchase, the better the rakeback rate you will receive. You also have the choice of choosing between a cash prize that is directly released into your account, or a bonus which you first have to unlock. The bonus that purchase at the VIP store is unlocked at a very fast rate and it is a much faster than the rate that sign-up bonus is unlocked. To get the best Party Poker rakeback, you should ideally purchase the bonuses. However, if you have bankroll troubles then you might be better off taking the direct cash prize.

The best Party Poker rakeback rate is 40% and this is by purchasing the highest possible bonus of $20,000. Here is a list of the different cash prizes and their respective rakeback rates:

Eligible Key Levels Points Cash Cash Rakeback % Bonus Bonus Rakeback %
Bronze 400 $10 5% N/A N/A
Silver 1,500 $50 6.67% $100 13.33%
Gold 4,000 $200 10% $350 17.5%
Palladium 10,000 $600 12% $1,200 24%
Palladium 20,000 $1,500 15% $3,000 30%
Palladium Elite 100,000 $15,000 30% $20,000 40%

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Party Poker Bonus Code – Additional Rakeback

When you sign up to Party Poker for the first time, you can get a 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus by using the Party Poker bonus code: THEGAME. This code is entered when you first make your Party Poker account and will allow you access to the 100% up to $500 bonus.

The sign-up bonus clears at a rate of $1 per 8 Party Points earned. Therefore, the Party Poker sign-up bonus is equivalent to 25% rakeback. This means you could be starting on 65% rakeback at Party Poker right from the beginning. The sign-up bonus is paid into your account in instalments of 10% of the total bonus amount. You have 120 days to clear the bonus.

How To Get Over 100% Rakeback At Party Poker

As you have seen, you can start of with up to 65% rakeback at Party Poker. To push this even higher, you need to do well in the promotions that Party Poker run. To do well in these promotions, you typically have to be a fairly high raker as the top spots have the highest equivalent rakeback percentages. The promotions with the best rakeback percentages are the rake races and rake chases, where you compete with other players to rake as much as possible in a given time period. Winning these promotions can reward you with cash prizes which range from 20% to 150% equivalent rakeback, depending on the promotion.

As result, Party Poker is definitely the place to be if you want to get the best rakeback deal.

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