Rush Poker

Rush Poker is a revolutionary new concept invented by Full Tilt Poker and it even has a worldwide patent pending. Known as the world’s fastest poker game, it certainly lives up to its name.

Rush Poker is simply a game where you have no waiting time between hands. At each cash game stake (e.g. $0.25/$0.50), there are a pool of players typically between 90-400. Each player is assigned to a poker table and the small blind is chosen randomly. A player posts the big blind when they first join a Rush Poker game. After that, the player who has gone the longest without posting will be the big blind for that hand.

When the cards are dealt the hand is played like any other hand of poker. However, as soon as a player folds he is instantly removed from the table and assigned to a new table with 8 other new opponents. At this new table, the blinds are once again randomly assigned and the hand is instantly dealt.

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You can choose to “Quick Fold” before the action arrives at you, meaning you are instantly taken to a new table and dealt a new hand. Players at your previous table will not see that you’ve folded until it’s your turn to act. As a result, you can play 3-10x more hands per hour, hence the name Rush Poker.

The game is available in the Full Tilt lobby, just like other cash games and tournaments.

When you play at a Rush Poker table you can also accumulate Full Tilt Points to spend at their store. Furthermore, even if you press the “Quick Fold” button you will still earn Full Tilt Points from the hand as long as rake is generated. Full Tilt’s Happy Hours also apply to the Rush Poker games. As a result, when playing Rush Poker you can start to rack up a huge number of points in a very little amount of time.

You can even multi-table using Rush poker. Playing 4 Rush Poker tables at once is equivalent to playing 12+ standard tables. The advantage with playing just 4 rush poker tables is that if you need extra time to focus on a particular hand on one table, you can simply just halt pressing “Quick Fold” on your other 3 tables, which can give you a bit of breathing room. Compare this to if you were playing 12+ tables when you are not given such a luxury.

Playing Rush Poker can also help you to clear your sign-up bonus even faster. When signing up to Full Tilt Poker, you can enter the Full Tilt Bonus Code, GETCHIPS600, in-order to receive an exclusive 100% up to $600 first deposit poker bonus. This sign-up bonus is based on the size of your first deposit, so remember to deposit as much as possible in-order to maximise your poker bonus.

Visit Full Tilt Poker to try out Rush Poker. Remember to use the bonus code: GETCHIPS600 when signing up at Full Tilt to get a 100% up to $600 sign-up bonus.

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