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Fastest Releasing Poker Bonuses

The majority of online poker sites offer poker bonuses to new players. However, as the player, how do you know which is the best poker bonus? – One way to determine this is to analyse how fast the bonus is released, with the fastest releasing bonuses being the best, naturally.

Here at PokerBonus.orgwe have done extensive research to compile a list of the fastest clearing poker sign-up bonuses, allowing you to increase the speed of your “bonus whoring”.

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More About The Fastest Clearing Poker Bonuses

This article has been designed for those of you like to unlock sign-up bonuses at lots of different online poker sites or for those of you are simply looking to find out which is the best poker bonus to start with. Either way, taking advantage of poker bonuses is a great way to earn a lot of free cash and it is a perfectly legitimate strategy.

What Is The Clearance Rate?

The clearance rate is the % of the sign-up bonus you receive back for every $1 paid in tournament fees or cash game rake. For example, if you paid $10 in tournament fees and unlocked $5 of the sign-up bonus as a result of this, your clearance rate would be 50%.

How Can A Sign-Up Bonus Clear Faster Than Others?

Different poker sites have different poker bonuses and also have different rates at which they clear:

e.g. Site 1 has a $400 sign-up bonus. You unlock $50 of the sign-up bonus for every $100 of tournament fees or rake paid at the cash tables. Site 1 has a clearance rate of 50%

Site 2 has a $600 sign-up bonus. You unlock $25 of the sign-up bonus for every $100 of tournament fees or rake paid at the cash tables. Site 2 has a clearance rate of 25%.

Therefore, while site 2 has a slightly higher initial sign-up bonus of $600, it takes twice as long to the clear compared to the sign-up bonus at site 1.

It would take $800 rake to clear the bonus at site 1, while it would take $2400 rake to clear the sign-up bonus at site 2. If you could find 3 poker sites with a 50% clearance rate then you could unlock 3 x $400 sign-up bonuses in the same time as it would take you to clear the single $600 bonus at site 2. As a result, you would have $1200 in bonuses instead of $600.

Read our poker bonus whoring strategy article for more information on this.

Where Should I Start?

So now that you know about the fastest unlocking sign-up bonuses, pick a poker site to start at from the top of our table. As you can see EuroPoker has by far the best sign-up bonus. Not only is it twice as big as most of the other bonuses, it also clears at the fastest rate. Once you have cleared a sign-up bonus at the top of the list, move on to the next poker site, skipping any that you already have accounts at.

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