The fight against tilt can be broken down into a three step process: 1)      Take precautions to minimise the possibility of tilt 2)      Recognise when you are on tilt 3)      Act appropriately if you are on tilt There are many things you can do that will help you avoid going on tilt in the first…

What is tilt and why do players go on tilt?

Tilt is poker lingo for playing worse than you are capable of playing. Tilt is not the same as bad play. Bad players do stupid things at the table because they don’t know any better, players on tilt however do things that they know are wrong. Being on tilt means that you stop thinking through…

Stealing The Pot

In the last article the concept of poker equity was introduced. Steal equity was discussed and defined as the the potential to win money before showdown by forcing your opponents to fold. You can steal on any street by either being the first to raise or by re raising another players’ bet. There are two…


Counting Your Outs – A Guide To Poker Probabilities

poker math

If you want to succeed at the game of poker you have to understand the “Odds”. In order to understand the odds you first must be able to determine the “Outs”. Outs are the number of cards that can make your hand. For an example, if you have A♠ 5♠, and the Flop is K♠…

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