Cake Poker Review

Cake Poker came onto the online poker scene in 2006, making them one of the newer online poker sites available on the Internet. They’re also known for quickly becoming an industry leader with the use of innovative promotions, a fun VIP scheme that rewards loyal players with cash directly deposited into their poker bank accounts, and scrumptious looking chocolate cake that lent to building a strong recognizable brand.

VIP Scheme
The VIP Scheme at Cake poker is titled. the Gold Stacks Reward Program. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Imagine yourself sitting at a poker table near you, playing with stacks of gold chips… The Gold Stacks Reward Program at cake might not provide you with an opportunity to play offers Cake Poker players the opportunity to earn gold chips by playing poker at real money tables. Players at Cake Poker are earning Gold Stacks and FPP’s consecutively. The goal is to earn enough points to earn build a Gold Stack. Once a player has ‘built a gold stack’, that player is instantly rewarded by the VIP Scheme. The players don’t need to request their rewards, or redeem them in anyway, it all happens instantly at Cake.

There are a total of 50 tiered levels in the Gold Stacks Rewards Program at Cake Poker. One of the best things about Cake’s program is that players don’t lose points, they’re not under a time crunch. It doesn’t matter at all how long it takes a player to climb from one level to the next, players don’t lose their status at the end of the month like they do the programs offered by sites like Party Poker and PokerStars. Players can be sent back, however, they’d have to pretty much take a two month sabbatical to do so. The only way to move backwards in the Gold Chip Rewards Program at Cake is to earn less than 3 chips two months in a row.

Gold Stacks earned while players are at Levels 1 – 10 pay the player in Gold Chips. Once the player reaches level 11 the player will begin to be paid in cash directly deposited into their real money player account every a gold stack is completed.

However, that being said, players can earn gold chips faster by playing more. If players play at the required rate, they can earn points on an alternate turbo, or super turbo rate.

  • Gold Stacks earn Players Instant Cash
  • Gold Chips Get Players at Cake into Tournaments
  • Gold Chips are currency in the Cake Store

The promotions page at is chalk full of goodies! It’s been that way since the company opened in 2006. The poker site offers more than $4 million dollars in guaranteed prize pool tournaments every single month. In addition to guaranteed prize pool events, Cake offers promotions for playing more than one table at a time. Making your first deposit to the poker site as we’ve outlined above.

Cake also offers a lucrative refer-a-friend program, the site’s recently shown up on social networking sites as well. After you set up your Cake account, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for additional treats.


Cake’s software in one word can be described as, fun. Casual poker players will love the Fun theme, the table animations. While at the same time, more experienced poker players will appreciate the resizable poker tables designed for ease in multi-tabling, and the muted color tones, they’re nice to look at, and they’re Oh-My-God-Thirty A.M. eye friendly.

Cake Poker is a part of the Cake Poker Network, so players will always find plenty of action at the site. The reason behind this, for those that aren’t that familiar with poker networks, is that all the players, playing at every site on the network are there playing against each other at the same tables. This shared traffic provides round the clock action at every hour in every game.

There’s also something to be said for that fun theme we mentioned. New poker players like fun. IF you want to play poker with a bunch of grinders, by all means, find a site that loads fast, bare bones functional poker. If you want to play with casual hobbyist poker players, check out Cake.

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