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If you’re looking for a Bet365 Poker bonus code you’ve come to the right place. Our marketing team has struck a deal with the marketing fella’s over at Bet365 to get you, and all of your friends (until the offer expires) the best possible bonus offered publicly by Bet365. All you have to do is follow the directions below to take advantage of the offer.

What is this poker bonus code we speak of and more importantly, what will it get you?

Every new player signing up for Bet365 Poker will receive an additional $500 free on top of the money that they deposit from Bet365.

How to Use a Bet365 Bonus Code

To use a Bet365 Bonus Code a player simply needs to visit the poker site by clicking any link on this page. Once you’ve clicked through to Bet365 your Bonus Code is automatically entered for you in the background. All you need to do is

Extra Merit at Bet365 Bonus Tables

Players are able to earn 50% more Merit points by playing at Bet365 real money Bonus tables. All the players have to do to earn these points are visit the Bet365 Poker website, click promotions, and then the Bonus Tables promotions.

Once you’re on the Bonus Tables information page, look for the small print that says ‘opt in’ within the pages text, click on that and fill in your information.

Once you’re opted into the extra Merit Points program, you’re good to go. Points earned by players playing at the bonus tables are credited to the players account the Monday after the games are played.

Beginners Rake Race

Brand new players at Bet365 are able to compete in a rake race that’s exclusively available to new players. These races are created for brand new poker players, giving them a change to compete in the race against other brand new poker players!

Upon new registration, players are eligible to play in 4 consecutive races; including the current race, and the next four (five races in total)!

Because of the newbie theme, players with any size bankroll are eligible to play, in fact, only games played at stakes up to $0.25/$0.50, Ł0.25/Ł0.50 and €0.25/€0.50 are counted.

Because of this platform, it doesn’t matter how much you win, if you lose, or how much rake you actually pay. The winner of this game is the player that gets the most hands in during the allotted timeframe.

Unlocking Bet365 Bonus Money

Players clear, or unlock, their Bet365 bonus by playing real money poker games on the poker site. For every 1,200 Merit Points a player earns, that player will receive $10 of their bonus in their poker bankroll account.

How long do I have to clear my Bet365 Bonus

Players are given 60 days to clear their bonus. Since it’s paid in installments, players get what they earn within 60 days. If there’s leftover bonus money after the 60 day period, that bonus is forfeited. Points earned at the Merit Point bonus tables, or in any other double points promo don’t count toward bonus clearing requirements.

Bet365 VIP Program

We’ve talked about the VIP program indirectly above, now let’s really delve into it and find out what Bet365 has to offer their most loyal players. Like most poker VIP scheme’s, Bet365 rewards players with points every time they play real money poker, be it in a ring game, or real money tournament. Players can earn partial points, so even a player paying $0.04 – $0.09 in rake during a hand of poker earns 0.32 of a Merit point.

Players paying $2.26 – $2.50 in rake per hand, earn 12 points.

Players also earn 15 Merit Points for every $1 spent in tournament fee’s.

Moving up the Bet365 Loyalty Ladder

All players enter the Bet365 VIP club as Bronze Level members. The moment a player earns one Merit point that player earns bronze status. After that, things become a little bit trickier.

To reach silver status, and qualify for both bronze and silver cash rewards, players will need to earn 1000 Merit Points. Upon accumulation of 10,000 Merit Points, player earn Gold Member status. Finally, after having accrued 25,000 Merit Points, players earn the ultimate in loyalty status memberships at Bet365, Platinum Status.

Claiming VIP Rewards at Bet365

After a player has maintained their status on any particular level for no less than three months, that player can trade their Merit Points for cash. Players can claim any cash reward that is equal to their level, or below. However the higher the level required for the reward, the better the ROI.

For instance: A bronze level player can trade 7,500 Merit points for $50 in cash. That comes to 150 points per $1. A Gold Status player however can trade 200,000 for $3,000. That means a player is getting $1 for about 66.6 points.

If you’re a Gold member, and you only have 7,500 points, you’re not going to get as good a deal as you would if you waited, but you are eligible to trade at the bronze rate.

In addition to cash rewards, players are also eligible to trade for tournament tickets. In lieu of the $50 trade for 7500 points outlined above, a player could trade those same 7500 points for a $59 tournament ticket.

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