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Many online poker sites offer incentives to sign-up and play at their website. These incentives are typically poker bonuses, where you can receive free money on your first deposit to that poker room. has compiled a list of the best poker bonuses offered to play online poker for real money. Factors include the size of the bonus, how easy it is to unlock the bonus and the general rating of the poker site.

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More About Poker Bonuses

There are so many different types of poker bonuses available nowadays that it can become very confusing to see what they actually mean! Poker bonuses come in a variety of different forms and even though one may seem better than the other e.g. because it is for $1,000 instead of $500, the $1000 bonus may take a very long time to clear.

The key in deciding which poker bonus to go for is to know what you want. If you are a recreational player who doesn’t have time to play poker that often then your needs will be different from those of a full time poker pro. There is no point getting a huge $1,000 bonus if you will only release $10 of it when you could have gone for a $200 bonus and received the full $200.

This page tries to outline the different types of poker bonus that you can get. Before we start remember that the bonuses you will get from us are the best available as they are the result of extensive negotiations with our select partners to guarantee you the best value deal around.

What Kind Of Poker Bonuses Are Available?

There are a number of different bonuses that poker rooms offer to players, both before and after they have signed up at the poker room.

Sign-up Match Bonus – This is offered to players when they first sign up to a the online poker room. The poker sites will offer players a match bonus up to a certain limit, depending on how much you deposit. The typical match percentage is 100%, but some rooms offer higher percentages, all the way up to 10000%.  For example: If the room has a 100% up to $500 match bonus. If you deposit $500 you would receive a $500 bonus, if you deposit $250 you would receive a $250 bonus. As a result, it is better to deposit the full amount of the sign-up bonus when you first deposit in-order to maximise your bonus, even if you don’t plan to wager the full amount.

Reload Bonus – For time-to-time, the poker site will offer reload bonuses to existing players. These reload bonuses work in the exact was as sign-up match bonuses and so depositing extra money onto the poker site will grant players an extra bonus. These are great promotions are an easy way to get extra free cash.

Instant Sign-Up Bonus – These sign-up bonuses are rarer, where the bonus is instantly added to your account upon depositing, unlike the typical match bonus which is unlocked as you play. However, these instant bonuses are much smaller, typically ranging from $10-$100.

Refer-a-friend Bonus – What better way to earn extra money than referring your friends. A good refer-a-friend bonus will not only reward yourself, but reward your friend as well. For example, Titan Poker will give you and your friend $100 in cash for every friend you refer. There are typically requirements for refer-a-friend bonuses, for example your friend must deposit and earn a certain amount of VIP points before the bonus is paid.

What Is Clearing An Online Poker Bonus?

Clearing a poker sign-up bonus applies to match bonuses and reload bonuses. These bonuses are not instantly released into your account but are gradually unlocked as you play poker. Typically you have to earn a certain amount of VIP points or generate a certain amount of rake before the sign-up bonus is released. Sign-up bonuses can either be released in instalments or as a lump sum.

What Is The Best Sign-Up Bonus?

Out of the choice of a sign-up bonus being released in instalments or as a lump sum, instalments is definitely preferred. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, with instalments there is constant release or cash into your account, which can help to keep your bankroll afloat if you are having an unlucky period. Compare this to a sign-up bonus that releases all at once which means that you could of lost your whole bankroll before the bonus is released.

Secondly, there is typically a time constraint on the poker bonus. For a lump sum sign-up bonus you might have to make a smaller initial deposit (e.g. $250 instead of $500) to make sure you could completely unlock the bonus in the given time period. This is not a problem for bonuses that are paid in instalments, allowing you to take the maximum advantage of the bonus.

Therefore, the best poker sign-up bonus is: A large bonus with a high match percentage, paid in instalments, has a high clearance rate and has a large time allowance to clear the bonus.

How Do I Clear The Sign-Up Bonus?

You clear the sign-up bonus by playing real money poker at the poker room. This could be at cash tables or by playing tournaments. Different poker bonuses have different clearance rates, so be sure to choose the fastest releasing poker sign-up bonuses.

Best Way To Clear The Bonus?

The higher stakes that you play at, the quicker you will unlock the sign-up bonus. This applies to both tournaments and cash games. However, it is very important to observe proper bankroll management and you should not be playing higher stakes than you are comfortable with, purely to unlock your bonus faster.

Top 10 Bonus Deals has spent a long time with the managers of online poker rooms to negotiate the best poker bonus deals for our players. At the top of this page is a list of the top 10 bonus deals available on the internet.

Firstly, these deals were only arrange with the most reputable poker rooms. Secondly they were ranked by bonus size, clearance rate, whether they were paid in instalments or lump sums and finally the time period that players had to clear the bonus.

Here are 3 of our top poker bonuses:

Get a $500 poker bonus at Winner Poker
Get a $600 poker bonus at William Hill Poker
Get a $500 poker bonus at PartyPoker

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