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VIP Scheme

24 HR Poker Players have the opportunity to enroll in the websites in-house VIP Program wherein players play poker to earn VIP Points throughout each month that convert straight into poker chips! Players that want to participate in the 24h VIP program should send an email to the support department at support@24hPoker.com after registering for a new poker player account on the site. To ensure the right person gets the email, and that they know what to do with it, the subject line should say VIP Program Inquiry and the email should include your 24h username and current valid telephone number.

As 24h VIP players earn points, they earn poker money that they can spend after it’s paid into their account in the following month. A player earning just 300 24h VIP Points will be paid €25 in cash. That amount is actually new, with the old 24h VIP program, a player was required to accrue 500 points per €25.

VIP points are earned at the rate of 1 per €.40 in rake paid.

The program consists of 6 different VIP levels. When players reach a new level they qualify for 1 flat payment amount + a smaller payment per additional 100 VIP points.

At Level 1 in the 24h VIP Program for instance a player qualifies for €25 once they have collected 300 VIP Points. That same player would need an additional 500 VIP points, for a total of 800VIP to advance to level 2. If the player only earns 700 though, they still receive the €25 for being on level 1, and they’re paid an additional €5 per 100 points over and above the 300 required for the level.

So this player would receive:

€25 for reaching 300 VIP’s to attain level 1
€5 for every 100 points they’ve earned over 300 for a total of €20
Totalling a €45 VIP Bonus

  • Level 1 24h VIP Players earn €25 for their first 300 points, and then €5 for each additional 100 VIP.
  • Level 2 24h VIP Players earn €80 for their first 800 points, and then €20 for every additional 200VIP.
  • Level 3 24h VIP Players earn €300 for their first 2,000 and €75 for every additional 500VIP.
  • Level 4 24h VIP Players earn €875 for their first 5,000 and €140 for every additional 800 VIP earned.
  • Level 5 24h VIP Players earn €1,800 for the first 9,000 points, and €200 for every additional 1,000 VIP earned.
  • Level 6 24h VIP Players earn €3,600 for the first 16,000 points, and €450 for every 2,000 VIP’s thereafter.


Rake Race VIP Point Tournaments
Promotions at 24h Poker include Rake Races where in players will need to collect a specific amount of VIP points in a preset time frame in order to enter into exclusive poker tournament events with inflated prize pools.

Rake Race for Cash
Those poker players that get a lot of hands in each week will love 24h’s rake races! In a rake race players play poker with the goal of accruing VIP points, the players that earn the most VIP points throughout the given time win prizes worth tens of thousands of Euro’s.

Leaderboard Promotions
24h Poker also offers Leaderboard competitions, these are a great way for Tournament style players to increase their ROI simply by cashing in the events that they play in. Leaderboard promotions are generally available for both Multi Table Tournament players as well as Sit n GO tournament cash finishers.

What would a poker site be if it didn’t offer freerolls? Aside from free of freeroll whores that is. 24h poker offers a full schedule of freeroll poker events including a daily €500 freeroll event.

24H Poker’s promotions listing is consistently updated with lucrative promotional offers, other offers available include a refer-a-friend bonus, and satellite entries into several major tournament events.


24H Poker uses software that’s provided by the 24H network. The software receives regular updates, and although it isn’t a favorite among every online poker player, it runs smoothly, and provides all the tools required by most successful poker players. The software includes note taking abilities and the usual lobby statistics that tell players things like what percentage of players see the flop in an average hand, how big the average pot is, and how many hands are played per hour at the table.

Players are also, due to a recent 24H Poker update able to play at an unlimited number of 24H poker tables at anyone time. This is great for multi-tablers, and perhaps, unfortunately those running poker bots.

The software at 24H Poker is available for download, as well as in a handy Java format that can be played from within a players Internet browser.

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