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Latest News

internet gambling legislation
  • The Black Friday That Was

One month has already come and gone, and the repercussions of the Black Friday can still be felt all around the online gambling industry. Players of the affected online poker sites are scrambling to get their money, and the online poker sites themselves are scrambling to set things right. This issue, however, is far from…

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Effects of the Black Friday Incident on this Year’s WSOP

pot limit omaha

The Black Friday incident caused quite a lot of changes in the poker industry, with many players suffering the most because of their uprooted lifestyles and their bankrolls put in serious danger of never getting returned. As such, some people have begun questioning how the WSOP will be affected by the whole thing. People are…

CEREUS Network Denies Bankruptcy

Those who gave and Absolute Poker a second chance after the Superuser Scandal are probably getting pretty scared right now, what with MSNBC announcing that the CEREUS Network is about to file for bankruptcy. It’s not a very farfetched possibility, really, especially with the whole “Black Friday” incident. But the CEREUS Network has made…

Full Tilt Poker
  • Take 2 Promotion Set to Begin this April on Full Tilt

Start gearing up for Full Tilt Poker’s Take 2 Promotion as it’s set to begin this April 8. Full Tilt will actually be giving their players free money in order to fatten up their bankrolls. Of course, you need to play more in order to get more. But then again, this is a good a…

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PokerStars to Celebrate 60 Billion Hands Mark


60 Billion is a huge, almost unimaginable number – and yet, it’s exactly the number that will validate PokerStars as the biggest online poker site in the internet. If anybody has had any doubts about PokerStars being ‘huge’, then this countdown to the 60 Billionth hand will no doubt dispel those doubts. Site officials are…

PokerStars SCOOP Schedule Revealed


It’s that time of the year again when the online poker players get geared up for the Spring Championship of Online Poker. Some players can build their entire careers just from playing at the SCOOP and winning. It’s certainly not hard to believe that the SCOOP can be the start of something big, especially with…

aggressive poker player
  • Poker Strategy Against Aggressive Betting

We always recommend that the optimal method of playing poker, for profit, is to be primarily Tight Aggressive. In this article, however, we are going to take a look at the best poker strategies for dealing with the situations when other players are betting aggressively. This article is not so much about aggressive players as…

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Value Betting In Low Limit Games


The ultimate goal of any poker game is to win and to make as much money as possible. In low limit games value betting is much more profitable than bluffing because there is a much lower success rate at bluffing in lower limit games because there are so many less experienced players that seem to…

Going All In with Draws

poker straight

There are times when it makes sense to go all in with a draw but this is not something that you want to make a common practice. Going all in with a draw is a poker strategy that you should save for a few situations where you believe that this would be your best move….

Poker Bonus

A poker bonus is an incentive offered by online poker rooms to attract you to their poker site, instead of a rival poker site. What it consists of is a cash bonus that is paid into your account over time. For example, if you deposit $100 at a poker site, they will generally give you a $100 poker bonus (assuming you have used the correct poker bonus code obtained from sites such as

Poker bonuses are an easy way to get free cash to play online poker as all poker sites are competing against each other to offer the best promotions. You can find the best poker bonuses here at, including a list of the fastest releasing poker bonuses.

There are a number of poker bonuses that online poker sites offer to players (including online poker us sites):

Sign-up Match Bonus: Receive a bonus when you make your first deposit at an online poker room. This has a percentage match attached to it, for example: A 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus would give a player a $500 bonus for depositing $500. A 200% up to $500 sign-up bonus would give a player a $500 bonus for depositing $250.

Reload Bonus: This is a promotional bonus offered to existing players when they make an additional deposit. It works like a match bonus and is a great way to earn extra free cash.

Instant Sign-Up Bonus: Receive an instant bonus into your account when you make your first deposit which does not have to be unlocked. The instant bonus is usually smaller than the match bonuses.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus: A great way to top up your bankroll by referring your friends. Good refer-a-friend bonuses will not only reward you, but will also reward your friend with a cash prize.

How Do I Clear The Poker Bonus?

You clear the poker bonus by playing online poker for real money. The best poker bonuses are paid in instalments and you usually have to accrue a certain amount of VIP points before each installment is released into your account. The higher stakes that you play, the faster the sign-up bonus will unlock. However, remember to follow proper bankroll management and do not player above your stakes purely to unlock the poker bonus at a quicker rate.

Top 10 Poker Bonus Offers

Here at we have carried out extensive research and negotiated for many hours with the top online poker sites to provide you with the best possible online poker bonuses . At the top of this page you will find the list of the top 10 poker bonuses. There were chosen at only the most reputable poker rooms and then further ranked by factors such as: poker bonus size, bonus clearance rate, whether the poker is paid in installments and finally the length of time that players have to clear the sign-up bonus. We also have exclusive deals specifically for players that want to play online poker for us players.

Why Do Poker Sites Offer Poker Bonuses?

Poker bonuses are used as marketing tool to attract new players to a poker room. Players can take advantage of the marketing efforts of online poker rooms by choosing the best poker bonuses. Furthermore, players can unlock poker bonuses at a lot of different poker rooms, known as “bonus whoring”. We have written a guide to bonus whoring so be sure to read it in-order to get the most free cash in the shortest time period.

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